Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller retires from MMA competition … for now

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10/20/08 4:40:27PM
One of the most charasmatic and popular figures in the sport of mixed martial arts today — Jason “Mayhem” Miller (21-6) — announced that he was retiring from the sport during an interview with FightHype.com earlier today.

Here’s a snip:

“I got plenty of money. I don’t even care. I just do it for fun. I love fighting, but I’m just doing it for fun. I don’t feel like doing it right now, so I’m not going to do it. There’s no need. There’s no need for me to fight, so I’m just happy to have lived such a fun career inside of MMA, so if it ends now, it was fun.”

10/20/08 4:46:48PM

Damnit, Mayhem. WTF!?
10/20/08 4:48:38PM
yeah this kind of sucks but he sounds like he'll be back. he's only 27 years old he can't possibly be done competing yet.
10/20/08 6:25:36PM
He'll be back for sure.....I bet hes back in the cage within a couple years at the most.....Guys like him cant stay away for long.....
10/20/08 6:29:50PM
why didn't he ever do ufc? did he and dana have a problem?
10/20/08 6:36:17PM

Dana has a problem with everyone. The guy is a walking Ego
10/20/08 6:38:34PM

Posted by haggiswashere

why didn't he ever do ufc? did he and dana have a problem?

he fought GSP in the UFC but that was his only fight and he got completely dominated.
10/20/08 6:39:58PM
oh ok. who hasn't been dominated by gsp though? lol
10/20/08 6:41:00PM
however without him the sport would still be human cock fighting
10/20/08 7:00:09PM
10/20/08 7:05:18PM
Mayhem has a ton of potential but not mindset IMO. He's too goofy and doesn't take the sport seriously enough. I know that sounds bashing- but in reality Mayhem is one of my favorite fighters. I know he always brings 100% of a fight to the table every time he fights, but I just feel like he's in it to have fun and kick some ass. I firmly believe people have to have the mindset of "I'm a champion" if they want to be a champion.

I hope we get to see more of Mayhem, though. He's a respecftul, skilled, and entertaining fighter.
10/20/08 8:00:15PM
I wonder if he's being serious, the timing is kind of odd with Anderson Silva talking about retiring so early.
10/20/08 9:13:50PM

Posted by emfleek

Damnit, Mayhem. WTF!?

sums up my reaction as well
10/20/08 9:30:45PM
this better be a stunt.. seriously

btw.. when he got "dominated" he was laughing... hes the man
10/20/08 9:32:55PM
well ya gotta do what ya gotta do, hope he comes back soon.
10/20/08 9:51:11PM
You don't fool me Mayhem, see you in late 09 to early 10....bet!
10/20/08 10:09:29PM
Mayhem wasn't in the UFC for long after he lost to St. Pierre, I don't know if it was because the UFC just let him go or I believe he got arrested for stealing a TV out of someone's house like right after his UFC debut and they may have let him go for that.

One thing a lot of people don't seem to understand is the UFC lets a lot of people go kinda silently because quite frankly they don't need a reason, Tim Sylvia was accused of using a baby cream to make himself slippery when he went against Nogueira and before that when he went against Gan McGee he tested positive for steroids, if any competition tried to smear the UFC it wouldn't be hard to do once you have someone who cheats twice, or have someone who's just completely insane that even after he makes it big and has his UFC debut he has to rob someone, plus at that point he had no name in the UFC for them to try and save. Sean Sherk on the other hand they have done everything they can to make him look like he did nothing wrong because he built a base before he got caught.
10/20/08 11:38:34PM
NOOOO!!!! Mayhem is why I got into the sport! His fight with GSP showed me that charisma and talent when meshed together make the sport exactly what it is, a SPORT and not just a fight!

I can speak for all the Mayhem Monkeys out there, if this man retires it will be a tragedy...
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