Jason "Mayhem" Miller Apologizes For Post-Strikeforce Brawl

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4/22/10 2:20:10PM
In my opinion they needed something to rejuvenate that event because it was very weak. All decisions and to many commercials. Miller shouldn't have to apologize when most of the Gracie fight team is saying its not the big of a deal. Miller did something that we see all the time. Guys going in after fights and asking for a rematch. Theres nothing wrong with that. Miller might not deserve the rematch yet but still there is nothing wrong with asking. Once Melendez and shields started pushing miller anything miller said before that doesn't matter because the fight escalated with the pushes. I look forward to CBS dropping strikeforce. They dont deserve to be on a major network anyway.
4/23/10 9:32:39PM
I don't see how Miller is to blame. The fact that he was "involved in the situation" doesn't mean that it happening was his fault. He said "Where's my rematch", it really wasn't even like he was talking **** or provoking them.

To say "it never would've happened if he didn't get into the cage" is akin to one of the other guys saying "If his head wasn't in front of my foot he never would've been kicked in the head"

The fact that he was there doesn't mean that any of the blame for someone else attacking him is his fault. He came into the cage to hype up a rematch, it happens _ALL OF THE TIME_. Strangely it only seems to result in a brawl when this exact school of fighters is involved. Weird.
4/23/10 9:46:06PM

So, true.
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