Jason Lambert latest fighter to drop off the UFC roster

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11/11/08 3:46:39PM
With its fighter roster once again hovering above 180 fighters, the UFC once again finds itself looking to reduce the number of contracted fighters to the organization.

In recent days, news has broken that the company attempted to reduce Fabricio Werdum’s salary and when he did not accept their new offer, a decision was made not to make a counter offer.

In addition to Werdum departing the organization, FiveOuncesOfPain.com learned earlier today that middleweight Jason Lambert is now also a free agent. Soon after hearing the news from our initial source, we were able to confirm the development with Matt Stansell, Lambert’s manager with NCFC Management.

11/11/08 3:57:34PM
not too disapointed, couldnt string those wins together.
11/11/08 4:37:48PM
I think we all had our suspicions he was going to be on the way out with his last loss...
11/11/08 4:43:35PM
Good guy...

But this is no surprise

I'm glad to see the UFC cleaning house for some new blood
11/11/08 5:58:52PM
he lost 4 of 5 fights 3 in a row
no surprise here
11/11/08 6:56:23PM
Not a big surprise. He couldn't hang with the UFC elite anyways. One dimensional fighter, with a tendency of being winded.
11/11/08 8:19:37PM
yeah I think we seen this one coming, seems like a good guy I agree but yeah him like Werdum doesnt bother me that their gone.
11/11/08 9:43:49PM
He was always good to watch if you wanted to see someone get KO'd.

But you have to give him a bit of credit for actually finishing a fight by Kimura lol
11/12/08 10:21:04AM
I really don't mean to sound rude or disrespectful but, Lambert should have been dropped by the UFC eons ago.......
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