Jason Frank's First Pro Fight August 4

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POLL: Who Wins Their First Pro Fight?
Jason Frank 75% (9)
Jose Vasquez 0% (0)
Draw 0% (0)
No Contest 8% (1)
DQ When Zordon & Lord Zedd Interfere 17% (2)
DON KING!! 0% (0)
7/29/10 7:10:54AM
Go Pro Power Rangers! Jason "White Ranger" Frank is turning pro on August 4, facing Jose Vasquez at a Puro Combate event in Houston. According to Sherdog, Vasquez will also be making his pro debut. Frank was 4-0 as an amateur.

So...who wins? Good (Frank) or Evil (Vasquez)? Obviously kinda hard to say much about Vasquez just because I know nothing about him.
7/29/10 8:39:42PM
It all depends if Frank has his zord with him or not, though I don't think they are allowed by the commission.
7/29/10 10:55:17PM
I think Puro Combate is making huge mistake. We have seen time after time that when Frank is getting beat fair and square, his teammates jump in and team up to beat the opponent down like thugs. This is going to be a travesty worse than SF on CBS!!!!
8/6/10 5:31:40PM
I found this. It's not a great video at all. Link
8/7/10 9:07:06AM
Won in 46 seconds, looks like RNC. Impressive debut...that other guy looked a little like Roy Nelson.
8/7/10 4:35:38PM
I saw the fight live on gofightlive.tv and boy did Jason Frank win EASILY. He overpowered the guy that weighed in 65lbs more than him.
8/9/10 10:33:58AM
Go Green Ranger!
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