Jared Shaw Fires Back At Dana White

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10/4/08 1:10:40PM
In the latest war of words between UFC's Dana White and EliteXC's Jared Shaw, Shaw said he was unconcerned with Dana's labeling Shaw as a "retard", but understands why others might be. He also took a shot at Dana over comparing running their business to starting a fast food joint, noting that the spokesman for the current #1 joint also was named Jared.

10/4/08 1:29:31PM
"My only message for 'Simple Dana McDonald' is this -- The last time I checked the fast-food industry, the recognized No. 1 global franchising opportunity for a fast food chain was Subway. And their spokesperson's name is Jared."

Wow, way to put that third-grade education to work there $kala. What's next? "I am rubber, you are glue...?" At this point, given your company's state of afairs, you should be proud of a "retard" status. It probably a step up for you.
10/4/08 1:32:06PM
jared shaw is a retard. Gary Shaw entered into the mma industry because he thought he saw a business opportunity. He didn't capitalize the way he would've liked to. I'm sure that if shaw could've seen the state of his company now, back when he was thinking about whether to invest, he would've never done it. 60 million in debt? thats a pretty serious debt when you consider their ppv buys and how poorly their cbs event did without kimbo. And now that the ufc is running serious counter programming....

Politicians calling someone a retard... not cool, elementary school teachers calling a kid a retard... not cool, a shrink calling you a retard during a session... not cool, dana white calling either shaw a retard... i'm cool with that. Especially when jared shaw tries to come back by insinuating that he's insulting the mentally handicapped community. Dana white is a fight promoter and president of one of the most hardcore sports in the world, after listening to him for a little while you learn to take what he says in context. And when you want to make an argument in the interest of your company, dont compare your struggling mma organization to the world's number 1 food franchise because your VP shares the same first name with their spokesperson.. because when you do... you look like a retard.
10/4/08 1:41:02PM
AMEN I'd props ya bro, but gotta spead the love...You know how it is.
10/4/08 5:53:38PM
WOW........REALLY?????? Don't this remind you a lil bit like Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff????? DDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Come on its all propaganda any media is good media especially if it helps both of the businesses. It's history repeating itself.
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