Jardine forces his way into picture

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5/21/08 8:58:00PM
Forrest Griffin has the next shot at the UFC’s light heavyweight title.

But Griffin has already lost to Keith Jardine.

One-time 205-pound king Chuck Liddell wants another crack at the belt, currently held by his nemesis, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Liddell, too, has already lost to Jardine.

And Wanderlei Silva, who has two wins over Jackson, concedes that while he’s thinking of dropping to middleweight after his fight Saturday at UFC 84 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, he also wouldn’t mind a shot at Jackson’s belt.

Silva, not surprisingly, has a bout with Jardine on Saturday.

And when it’s brought to Silva’s attention that Jardine has not yet had a crack at the belt, he’s puzzled.

“Keith is a very difficult fighter,” Silva said. “If anyone should be fighting for a title, it’s him.”


Good article!
5/21/08 9:58:28PM
who ever wint the jardine/silva fight should get the shot next
5/21/08 10:04:26PM
Glad Wandy respects Jardine, cause not a whole lot of other people do, i like Wandy a great deal but i think Jardine is going to beat him come Saturday... I also hope Wandy drops to MW as he is a bit undersized at LHW... guy can bang with the best of them though and i can't wait to see this barn burner of a fight card!
5/21/08 10:34:23PM
The first Iole article that didn't make me want to vomit. I feel like I am the only Jardine fan. War Dean of Mean!! Rampage vs. Jardine would be a great standup fight.
5/21/08 11:41:40PM

Posted by holt8081

who ever wint the jardine/silva fight should get the shot next

i disagree who ever wins chucks next fight should get the next fight unless he is out for a really long time, then i agree with you.
5/22/08 12:29:37AM
Well I am a Chuck fan so what do you think I want to see?

Anyhow, I am still on the fence with Jardine. I would like to see a few more wins to be certain if I like him or not. I mean I know he has skill, but I have seen him still make rookie mistakes.
5/22/08 1:31:12AM
People seem to have quickly forgotten his loss to a certain Mr Alexander.....

.......That's why he ain't had a title shot yet.

If Jardine beats Wandy then he deserves a shot definately, but if Wandy wins he doesn't deserve a shot yet imo. He would need to beat Chuck in a rematch (or some other top competitor like Evans, Thiago, or Shogun to get his shot at Rampage...
5/22/08 2:02:46AM
if machida wins he should get the next shot but i think the winner of this should face thiago
5/22/08 2:21:44AM
This is a hard one for me to post on. I'm obviously huge Liddell fan and want him to get another shot very soon....but its hard to deny that Jardine deserves a shot. There is only one problem that I have with Jardine, I just dont think he is on the same level as Liddell...yeah I know he won fair and square I wont argue that and I give him full credit for that. I just know that 9/10 times Liddell wins that fight. Jardine fought the fight of his life against Liddell who just came off a somewhat demoralizing defeat, you cant really argue that Liddell was at top form in that fight, I thought he looked like complete shit and I'm a huge fan. Even with all of that said, Jardine was the better man that night so I have to side with everyone that says he deserves a shot before Liddell......but here is where I play devils advocate .....I'm rooting for Silva to absolutely pound out Jardine (therefor eliminating him from immediate contender status) and I never thought I would say this but I'm rooting for Ortiz to beat Machida and whats worse is that I think he can do it (and therfor eliminating Machida as well) then after Liddell wins his next fight he will be the obvious choice for the next shot....I dont think he needs the help he is still at the top of the heap in the 205 lb division, but hey atleast its a fair solution (FOR ME!!)
5/22/08 8:51:27AM
If Machida beats Tito then Tito leaves the UFC I think Dana will give Mach the next title shot just to rub it in Tito's face. Like "look Tito, if you had won just one more fight, look what you would have had"
5/22/08 2:38:17PM
Chuck is one of the LAST people who deserves a title shot, imo he isn't even in the picture right now
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