James Toney wants Lesnar, is trained by "death fighter"

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1/4/10 8:31:43PM
"I want Brock Lesnar and I know, unfortunately, he’s injured right now and had surgery, but I want him, Kimbo, Kendra, whatever his name is, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell or whoever. [Fans] think I will get my ass whooped. They will all be disappointed. You know I got a very big mouth and it can’t be shut. I have never been stopped in damn near 90 professional boxing fights and never will be. I still do my thing. They let a street fighter in the UFC; I know they can let a future Hall of Fame boxer with real fighting skills and credentials in there, but they scared."

1/4/10 8:35:40PM
You guys really need to read this ****. I can't even get mad. This might be the funniest thing I've read mma related in a long time.
1/4/10 8:46:27PM
“They talking about ground game? That don’t mean nothing to me dog. Number one, I ain’t going to allow none of them boys to lay on top of me like a lil’ fag, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t going to the ground; that ain’t happening.”

that is the best! haha
1/4/10 8:48:28PM
It is very comical. This man is so punch drunk that this actually came out of his mouth:

“I got one of the best mixed martial arts trainers in the world, which is my daddy. You know what I’m saying? He is one of the original death fighters. They fought to the death, like in them movies..."

I would love to see this guy get in the cage and be humbled.
1/4/10 9:04:52PM
Toney's dad is Frank Dux?

Who would've thunk it!
1/4/10 9:34:15PM
ok if this gets press then i have a statement..............i'm calling out every ufc fighter! i need no trainin. i've played video games to the DEATH!!!! ground game???? i WALK on the ground ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!! i've been in no fights and i've NEVER been stopped! that's right world, CLOPPIO is throwin his hat in! i want all fighters (or press that brings me money).

haha this dude is trippin!

1/4/10 9:48:12PM

Posted by cloppio

ground game???? i WALK on the ground ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!

That's actually a pretty good line!
1/4/10 10:04:22PM
Justin McCully would OWN you Toney!
1/4/10 10:22:34PM
lolthis made my day
1/4/10 10:23:15PM
ha. He probably asked for some ridiculously outrageous amount of money that Dana would never agree to in a million years. He can talk out his ass all he wants, he'll probably never get a fight. Lesnar would throw him to the ground like toy.
1/5/10 12:10:27AM
Kimbo vs Toney aka "Dark Gable"

Come on Dana make this Circus match happen in June Dana
1/5/10 4:04:02AM
I'm all for letting Toney into the UFC. I wouldn't even mind him getting a direct shot at Brock. That fight would be so funny to watch that putting the HW Title on hold for a little while would be worth it.

If I close my eyes I can see Brock rag dolling him all over the ring.
1/5/10 10:08:15AM
I used to like Toney, but now he just sounds ignorant. Toney would be competitive against average fighters but a decent kickboxer would take his legs out and a decent wrestler would dry hump him all night long, and I doubt he knows what submission defense is.
1/5/10 11:21:41AM
Obviously he wouldn't get to face a Lesnar even if he was brought in; but I wonder if the AC's would even want to sanction that with MMA rules even if it were possible.
1/5/10 12:43:42PM
maybe he can go train with da da 5000 (he is the biggest thing to hit mma you know) I say sign him and let him have the loser of cain vs nog that will shut him up for a little bit at least

oh yeah and wooooo 200 posts
1/5/10 4:47:45PM
I think he should fight a guy like Minowa first.
If he doesn't get heel hooked in the first 5 minutes i would be impressed.
1/5/10 5:14:36PM
Freakshow aside, I would love to see Tony get tossed like a midget by 95% of the division.
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