James Toney reminds me of Chael Sonnen.....here's why

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8/4/10 1:02:18AM
Dana White - "If he don’t like me, f*ck him, …but, you know what, after the fight, since he’s been running his mouth lately like a little pig, I’m gonna knock his ass out too, right after the fight. He gettin’ it. Dana White your ass gettin’ it. I ain’t playing with you."

"You ran your rotten mouth at the wrong dude. I’m not Rashad Evans, I’m not Quinton Jackson, I’m not going to kiss your ass. I’m gonna beat your ass. If he talk to me like I’m a b*tch I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna holler at you, baby."
8/4/10 2:09:17AM
hmmmmm.....seems like he's the one who's talkin all that ****.....maybe its just me
8/4/10 12:51:50PM
He has overstepped the mark with the talk of KOing Dana after the fight. This has nothing to do with hyping himself, it is just him being foolish.
He is delusional if he thinks he will be the UFC heavywieght champ. He is behind many great Wrestlers (and all round MMA professionals) in line for the title. I cannot see him beating Cain, JDS or Brock. They are all smart enough not to stand and bang and well capable of getting the fight to the ground quickly.
I laughed at the end when he said "tune in on Aug 28th to see the greatest fighter in the world.....fight someone called Randy Couture."
8/4/10 6:56:01PM
James Toney reminds me of a...................................of a punch drunk retard. No way he is still in the UFC after this fight!
8/4/10 8:49:36PM
I could see another Paul Daley episode.
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