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8/31/10 4:52:32PM
Call me a troll but this is a serious question. After watching the fights one of my buddies asked me who would win..... and.........I honestly think all the Elite fighters in every weight class could sub Toney......

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8/31/10 4:56:20PM
Toney would have a chance since the size advantage would do alot to keep him on the feet, out of submissions, and he has the chin of a HW. He essentially would have 25 minutes to land a serious punch.

Styles make match-ups, i think someone like florian or penn would have a higher chance at pulling it off since they could sinch in the choke easier.
8/31/10 5:30:28PM
Frankie by flying heel hook
8/31/10 6:40:49PM
I see blackbelts sub guys 100 lbs. heavier than them all the time. Hell, I'm no black belt but I've subbed guys 100 lbs. heavier than myself. I'm sure Frankie could do it no problem. As long as he could get Toney to the ground, that is.

And if Toney lands a shot on Edgar? LOL watch out.
9/1/10 1:39:19PM
If he could get James Toney on the ground, who knows? If Toney did catch him with a power shot, Frankie would be out for the night.
9/1/10 11:12:50PM

Posted by Jackelope

And if Toney lands a shot on Edgar? LOL watch out.

If he'd hit dat boy, he'd hit dat boy so hard his head flew off into the 18th row.
9/2/10 1:36:40PM
That would be pretty hilarious to see I'm sure it would be pretty amusing.
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