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9/2/10 12:09:49PM
dose anyone know if dana cut him or is it only one fight ?
9/2/10 12:12:00PM
Dana has said that James Toney will not get another fight in the UFC. Whether or not he sticks to his word...who knows?
9/2/10 12:17:31PM
9/2/10 6:06:01PM
I hope to hell Dana gives him the heave hoe!! I mean it would have been one thing to get tooled by Randy in a fight that he actually trained hard for and put up a "fight". But he came into the fight the heaviest he has ever weighed in at for a fight!!! And had no offense what so ever......or defense for that matter. at one point actually pulls the triangle in deeper in an attempt to escape!?
9/3/10 1:52:39PM
$500K ???? NO way-

$20K - ok lets see him Vs
roy nelson!!!

Thats $10 grand a minute......
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