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5/14/07 7:08:32PM

Posted by JimiMak

JTTT anyone who gets it should get on.

Indeed they should.
5/14/07 9:20:25PM
They don't accept everyone...
5/15/07 11:59:43AM
I was booted from the War Wagon for no apparent reason.

They are a discriminant community. And in reality, I have been a fan of James Thompson exciting Gong and Dash style for about a year, yet still rejected.
5/15/07 1:01:32PM
Not everybody has what it takes to ride the wagon! (and I doubt that you did nothing, lol)

5/15/07 9:09:41PM
and the Furious Angels thread is closed... yet again. Sorry they are hating on you over there Boondock. I think the Foz has the ban hammer swinging my way. God I hate the color pink.

War JT

edit: mission accomplished. I went down in the name of Boondock and the JTWW! (unjust, I say!)

lol, spoke too soon.
I love the abusing mods comment. I just asked him why he closed the thread? Good Riddance.

You have been banned for the following reason:
Fighter bashing calling Don Frye 'James Thompsons Bi*ch' - Abusing Moderator in PM's.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

and if youre wondering, the pink warrior got me too.

5/17/07 3:40:41AM
5/22/07 9:36:06PM

Do you have a sub-par record?

Have you ever been arrested?

Do you feel like most people just don't understand?

JT forgives these past indiscretions and the WW is for you!!
We don't care if you've been booted from another team for your record, maybe you've been too rowdy. If you're willing to submit yourself to the WarWagon and all that is James Thompson, you are the person we are looking for.

Show your family and friends what you're capable of and get with the Brotherhood that is the James Thompson WarWagon and ride JT's glory to fame and financial excess!!

The JT WarWagon..... Where fans become brothers.
5/28/07 1:49:11AM
New James Thompson Support Board over on FIGHTERSMIND.com forums. Another place for the War Wagon to gather...
6/12/07 7:18:07PM
6/20/07 12:54:40AM
Its not too late. Join now.
6/26/07 6:54:44PM
The WarWagon is accepting fans of James Thompson and MMA in gereral.

If you want to be part of one of the largest MMA fan movements join now. If you are already a member of a team you are always welcome on the official James Thompson website.

7/4/07 6:24:05PM
Come on folks, this team is hot and when you join you will soon find out that it consists of nothing but fun loving Brothers who love MMA like a fat girl loves a bon-bons.
7/5/07 9:09:09PM
Funny that he will only be fighting in Cage Rage from now on (Unless Pride hasn't died)
7/6/07 12:25:51AM
Thats cool, it doesnt matter where he fights just as long as we can see an exciting fight, after all that is what's it all about...right?

You are more then welcome to join our camp, win lose or draw we love MMA and we would be glad to have you.
7/7/07 3:37:32PM
Is Tom from Mma-Fighter in here?
We filed a missing persons report and he hasn't shown up
This seems right up his alley.

BTW James Thompson once beat Fedor and His brother, but Sergei was reffing the match and hit him with a steel chair.
7/8/07 6:29:52PM
Yeah, most people don't know about that fight, the KGB has done everything in it's power to keep that from going public.

Read more about it here.

7/23/07 6:56:50PM
If you're a die hard MMA fan this is your team. Unlike many teams we DO NOT cut players based on their records, if you participate and enjoy having fun this is the place for you.
7/27/07 8:40:17PM
Join the WarWagon boys.

7/28/07 12:21:16AM
If they are serious about MMA and like to have fun...they will.



if you cross us
8/7/07 12:07:22AM

Posted by Joealn

I saw James Thompson fight and he seemed like a big idiot who stuck his chin out to be zinged (see the A. Emelianenko fight)
I must be a confused old man who can't see what the fuss is about.

Must be. JT is a beast. He is just so dam big. Love the Warwagon though. You guys are always ready to jump to JT's Defence.
8/7/07 3:46:02AM

Posted by RollinsisGod

Come on folks, this team is hot and when you join you will soon find out that it consists of nothing but fun loving Brothers who love MMA like a fat girl loves a bon-bons.

You must see the light before its too late.
8/13/07 11:24:24AM
We're shoveling coal in the furnace as we speak, the fights are getting close and the WarWagon is getting ready to hit the trails.

Hop aboard if you love MMA and having a good time. And even if you're on another team, you can always sneak over to the MotherShip for serious MMA discussions or just plain foolishness.

8/27/07 4:47:17PM
Join the WarWagon or be run over in our Glorious path damnit, lol. If you don't love mma and / or don't have a sense of humor this is not the place for you.
9/26/07 4:07:24AM

You all know about the site...

so whats the hold up.....Join the WarWagon. http://www.megapunk.co.uk/
9/27/07 10:35:09PM
Do this thing, join a real forum......or not, I really don't give a shiit. (or do I)


It's up to you!
11/20/07 4:29:30PM

11/21/07 12:26:25PM
JTWW is still bruisin' and looking for some big wins here before 2008 hits.

And in 2008.... our final phase of world domination begins.
12/12/07 6:22:09PM
We've got much more to offer than most teams here, come check us out.
12/14/07 9:28:07PM
i hear the War Wagon is a fun place!
12/14/07 10:58:42PM

Posted by EzFlyer

i hear the War Wagon is a fun place!

Really? I'll have to join then.
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