James Thompson Says He's SF Property, Fighting At Sengoku 9

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3/25/09 6:30:03PM
James Thompson spoke to The Fight Network today, and made a few things clear. He first announced that he would be fighting at Sengoku: Ninth Battle, which has not been announced as of yet, and wants a rematch with Kazuyuki Fujita. He also says Strikeforce picked up his ProElite contract, and when he debuts there is up to SF.

3/25/09 6:30:19PM
FYI: Link to The Fight Network in article doesn't work.
3/25/09 6:38:37PM
the link works for me.... an i think fujita will win a rematch all day, every day.
3/25/09 8:02:04PM
I think anyone who can land a overhand right will win all day all long......
3/25/09 8:03:24PM
Strikeforce or Sengoku, it doesn't matter to me. It's always fun to watch JT go out there and throw caution to the wind.
3/25/09 8:16:07PM
James Thompson man, He's got a great frame but he's just terrible at executing. Maybe he just needs to get some really good training before he starts calling out people who can beat him anyday anytime. The man does not look healthy...
3/25/09 10:38:48PM
James Thompson...2-8 in his last 10, and the chin of a 7 year old boy.

What is he doing? He doesn't take MMA seriously...does he even train? it honestly doesn't look like it.

"Ok, James...today we're working on the bullrush"
3/27/09 6:00:55AM
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