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5/31/07 8:50:18PM
James Thompson has finally launched his own site. www.megapunk.co.uk

all that is up so far is the forum, the rest will soon follow. All silent WW supporters should come out of the woodwork and sign up.

<EDIT> If anyone has seen the WarWagon but doesn't really know what it's all about, PM me. It's all about support for a great entertaining fighter regardless of his record, and so much more.
5/31/07 9:37:35PM
Invite him over to the war waggon, he gave you guys props after his win over Frye didn't he?
5/31/07 11:00:58PM
That's the key THIS IS HIS SITE He'll blog occassionally, maybe even post in the forums. We are extremely active forum ppl and that is why he made sure that is running first, get us a home set up while the store and everything else is finished. You should come richie, you've always been an intelligent poster. come check it out.
6/1/07 11:44:33PM
JT has posted! Check it out!
6/2/07 1:06:49AM

Not to be a troll, cuz I want ppl to know. And this is the lounge.
6/6/07 4:48:05PM
We're growing and growing, it'll be on line only a week or two and hit 100 members. Great place for intelligent mma discussion, especially for fans of JT.
6/25/07 4:48:17PM
come on man, all the cool kids are doin it
6/25/07 6:39:36PM
good to know. when is he gonna fight next anyone know.
8/13/07 11:01:32PM
He lost his last fight but the WarWagon rolls on. If you dig MMA and have a sense of humor you'll appreciate our team.

Anybody can ride Fedor's dong but who the hell here stands up for the underdog??
If you're a real fan of MMA and having a good time join the WarWagon and visit our main site at:http://www.megapunk.co.uk/
8/14/07 9:07:31AM

Posted by RollinsisGod
Anybody can ride Fedor's dong but who the hell here stands up for the underdog??

Plenty of people here stand up for the underdogs, and furthermore, Im not sure ragging on Fedor fans will help bring any new fan to JT!
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