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8/19/09 10:41:25AM
Things have been quiet for heavyweight behemoth James Thompson, but he wouldn't have had it any other way, the break has given him a rare opportunity for introspection.

"I had some time off after the last fight to get my head together, personal problems if you will, and I feel that now things are in place in myself and I can really push forward. Making the full-time move to London Shootfighters for training is really paying dividends," he explained to MMAWeekly.com.

8/19/09 11:54:24AM
Strikeforce must be looking for some highlight reel ko's if they are thinking of signing Thompson. Too bad Thompson won't be the one giving them
8/19/09 12:02:11PM
Please tell me this is not one of Fedor's opponents!

8/19/09 1:16:01PM
I smell a Thompson vs Rodgers fight in the near future
8/19/09 4:02:54PM
I knew it, I knew Fedor was going to end up fighting this guy lol, I know its not announced yet but thats it, that will be his next opponent, on another post I said if Fedor as a 3 fight contract he will spend those 3 fights against james thompson, pedro rizzo and I can't remember the other not so good fighter haha but there will be no fedor against rogers, werdum or overeem forget about it
8/19/09 4:22:13PM
NO WAY.....they had to of brought JTT into Strikeforce to hype up the other fighters like Rogers. I know he has a win over AA but still they need to get a couple of highlights to really put him in the #1 contender spot. Besides this all depends on how JTT does against Neil Grove...personally I think they just ought to sign Jim York.
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