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6/1/08 5:54:07PM
Yeah I don't really buy into the fact that James Thompson has a Glass Chin, A Glass Chin defined to me is that you take 1Shot and Go down.

Lets take a Look at his Knockout Losses

Aleks Emelianenko - He wasn't really Knocked Out in that Fight, If you take a Look at Alek's Fight with Morais, now that was Knocked Out.

Fujita - He took at least 20 Hard Shots from Fujita, the man who almost KO'd Fedor in 1 shot.

Butterbean - Knocked out by a Pro Boxer who holds the World Record for Fastest Knockout

Neil Grove - He just Ran into the Punch that would Knock anyone out

Brett Rogers - He took 6-7 clean shots and then went down, who wouldn't get Knocked Out by those Shots. Brett Roger's is a Beast

Kimbo - He wasn't even Knocked Out or Down, Kimbo was Hitting him his Hardest and still couldn't Knock him out

I think It's JT's Un Technical Stand Up and not his Chin that Knocks him out, If he was Techical, I think he wouldn't lost some of those Fights
6/1/08 5:58:37PM
Glass chin.. no. Compared to someone like Fujita, Cabbage, Hunt, or Big Nog? Absolutely. I think when people say "Glass Jaw" they mean it in context compared to other HW's.
6/1/08 6:12:48PM
I'm not sure Kimbo counts as a big hitter.....

But yes i think JT has a Glass jaw more than an iron head
6/1/08 6:14:19PM
this is the same defense ive used for arlovski, not a glass jaw but being hit by bigger guys makes a difference,

the bigger they are the harder you fall, its not like HW's have much bigger of heads/chins
6/1/08 6:16:29PM
also has to with how he fights, if you watch him fights his chin is sticking out there just waiting to get hit. I do think he has a weaker Jaw than most,but the way he fights doesnt help.

also thought i'd point out Butterbean didnt even KO JT!!!......it was a mistake by the ref, if you rewatch the Knockdown with the commentary you'll see what im talking about.
6/1/08 6:43:14PM
Yea I lean more toward how he fights rather than a "glass chin". He rushes in with his chin to the ceiling and eats bombs from guys that are big ox's that like to slug, and he usually eats them at full force.

And I agree that Butterbean did not KO JT, it is obvious from the video if you watch it.
He has a lot better gameplan now with his fight with Kimbo and hopefully in his future fights.

WAR JT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/1/08 8:35:52PM
You can make the argument that he got hit by a perfect shot or that the other guy was a really hard hitter in every fight. But the weight of evidence for that theory vs. a weak jaw gets lower and lower each time you have to make that argument. Eventually it seems more plausible that a guy who keeps getting KOd can't take a punch well vs. he's getting unlucky over and over again.

A contributing factor, however, is definitely his poor technique. He swings wide and doesn't protect himself by keeping his chin down and his shoulders up.
6/3/08 4:13:31PM
Yea man I realized that too , Thompson took a lot of heavy shots I remember one particular uppercut had me screaming
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