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7/29/08 4:46:32PM
Looks like James Irvin tested positive for Methadone and Oxymorphone following UFC Fight Night 14.

Irvin Tests Positive Following UFC Fight Night 14 - MMANews.com

Following his UFC Fight Night 14 bout against Anderson Silva on July 19, James Irvin tested positive for banned substances, the Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed to MMAWeekly today.

Following the loss to Silva, Irvin submitted to a urinalysis, and the Urinalysis reflected the presence of Methadone and Oxymorphone.

Oxymorphone is a pain reliever prescribed to alleviate moderate to severe pain. Methadone is most commonly prescribed to recovering heroin addicts, and is also sometimes prescribed to manage chronic pain.

None of the fighters who competed on the July 19 card were subject to NSAC's out-of-competition drug testing policy, which could have been due to the event being put together on relatively short notice.

Eleven of the 22 fighters who competed on the card were tested at the event. Anderson Silva, James Irvin, Hermes Franca, Cain Velasquez, Brandon Vera, CB Dollaway, Tim Credeur, Frankie Edgar, Shannon Gugerty, and Nate Loughran were all tested for steroids, recreational drugs, and stimulants. Irvin is the only competitor who came back with a positive test result.

7/29/08 4:50:32PM
The post earlier stated that they all tested clean, now this. Wonder why the difference. Sucks for Irvin. Sounds like he knew he was in for a beat down before the fight, so he loaded up on pain killers.
7/29/08 5:04:18PM
Mania also said everyone passed, but in their Irvin item they added this clarification item:

Note that we passed along a story earlier today that the 11 fighters tested for the Spike TV special event tested clean for steroids and drugs of abuse. That was inaccurate … those tests were just for steroids.

And looking back at the item, it does note the tests that came back were just for steroids. That part's easy to miss though.
7/29/08 6:11:00PM
I feel bad for Irvin it seems like every time he gets a big knock out the next fight goes bad. After getting laid out by Anderson Silva now this happens, I hope he continues to be in the UFC because he really is a great fighter.
7/29/08 6:19:48PM
maybe someone in his corner gave it to him right after the fight because they knew he was gonna be in a lot of pain? i wonder if he will fight this
7/29/08 6:28:45PM
Thats some major pain meds he was on. Either he was injured or has has a drug issue.
7/29/08 6:48:06PM
WOW that really sucks....

me being a former drug addictict I have now room to say anything

But as a fan I am very disapointed on this news..
7/30/08 12:15:10PM

Posted by telnights

Thats some major pain meds he was on. Either he was injured or has has a drug issue.


Dunno about over stateside, but Methadone isn't used for pain relief over here except in the most severe circumstances and is only ever prescribed, as a form of regular medication, to drug addicts on heroin.

How the hell he came to have that in his system is a big question.
8/9/08 11:41:06PM
AAH, pretty easy explanation. He had methadone in his system because he has likely been takin it to try to get off the opiates he also tested positive for. It is givin to people addicted to large doses of oxycontin/oxycodone.Very tough to get off that stuff. Amazing he can compete at this level while dealing with opiate addiction. Good luck to him, hopefully he can get past it.
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