james irvin off ufc 98 card with injury!!

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4/30/09 12:33:04AM
looks like irvin is out they are looking for a replacement right now for the fight

if not main card mightbe wilson vs larson pushed to it

i think they will find a suitable opponent maybe jason mcdonald, nate quarry, denis kang might fill in.

i'll be curious to see who does,
4/30/09 12:11:22PM
Professor X FTW!!
4/30/09 12:23:21PM
damn. that was an easy 11 points! oh well. nate quarry vs mcfedries would be a good fight. unfrotunately i just dont see many fighters i can see mcfedries beating even on short notice.
4/30/09 12:26:19PM
Actually, according to an update from Junkie moments ago, X taking the fight is a BIG "if". Immigration issues. Those must be resolved in time to allow X to take the fight. So stay tuned.

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