JAKKS Pacific® Secures Ultimate Master Toy License For Ultimate Fighting Championship®

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6/10/08 10:05:07AM
MALIBU, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The world leader in fighting action figure toys, JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq:JAKK), announced today that it has signed an exclusive, four year worldwide Master Toy license agreement with the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization, with a planned product launch expected to commence in 2009.

The new UFC product line from JAKKSTM will be collector-focused, and the license covers UFC legend Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, Brock Lesnar, Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira, Michael "The Count" Bisping and UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson "The Spider" Silva, among others. The license also includes the famed UFC Octagon™, and role-play items based on the UFC brand and its classic and current roster of star fighters.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization is the world's leading professional mixed martial arts group, regulated by the most prestigious sports regulatory bodies in the United States. UFC live pay-per-view events take place at preeminent destinations including MGM Grand®, MEN Arena, Mandalay Bay® and O2 Arena, and they consistently draw sell-out crowds with record-breaking gates. Presenting more than twelve pay-per-view events per year, the UFC stands as the largest pay-per-view content provider in the country.

The UFC also dominates television with its reality series, The Ultimate Fighter®, now heading into its eighth season. The Ultimate Fighter has reigned supreme for years in the coveted 18-34 male ratings demographic, and it regularly enjoys higher ratings than traditional franchise sports such as the NBA®, NHL® and NASCAR®, as well as NCAA® football and basketball. In partnership with Spike TV® cable network, the UFC also presents ten live UFC® Fight Night™ events and 26 taped programs of the popular program UFC® Unleashed™.

“The UFC is a perfect match for JAKKS, given our extensive expertise in developing and marketing collector driven sports action figures,” said Stephen Berman, President and COO, JAKKS Pacific. “UFC’s enormous and growing popularity amongst adults, coupled with the extensive roster of physically powerful star fighters, gives JAKKS a substantial base to work with, and should be a powerhouse combination for the line. Our objective is to give collectors an authentic UFC experience.”

“We are thrilled to have JAKKS on board as our first official UFC action figure partner,” said Dana White, UFC President. “The demand for UFC is tremendous, and through this relationship with JAKKS, we can present authentic UFC products and have them available to our loyal UFC fans all around the world.”

6/10/08 10:06:37AM
My only question is...what happens to the Round 5 line that's already in production? They have already announced a second line to come out in the fall, so I'm not sure where this leaves them.
6/10/08 10:55:22AM
collector basd toys I am a former Mcfarlane collector and I will buy them if they look like that and not WWE figures that JAKKS puts out
6/10/08 12:08:01PM
come on, action figures? that's kinda lame. considering most people that watch ufc are like 18 and older.
6/10/08 12:36:32PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

come on, action figures? that's kinda lame. considering most people that watch ufc are like 18 and older.

What dude come on 18 or older, I know a lot of people around here that watch it and are under 18, and I'm agreeing with you on action figures there lame.
6/10/08 3:53:20PM
Well it doesnt sound like they are "action figures" per say, it sounds like they should be of high quality and hopefully have good detail. I'm only gussin because they are calling them collector items. I guess it is good exposure I will probably only buy one figure (take a guess which one ha ha)

Note....I wonder if they will make a Tito Ortiz figure even though he is gone, if they do I bet it sells for double as I imagine it would take twice the plastic to make his gigantic head
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