Jake Shields Responds To Joe Riggs

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3/27/09 10:45:34PM
When asked about Riggs’ comments that Shields’ “girlfriend or wife probably slaps him around standing up,” the former EliteXC champion said Riggs should focus on his own game.

“I think he needs to concentrate on his fighting skills instead of talking. I would kick the crap out of him. I don’t think he would make it past the first round with me.

3/28/09 10:53:27AM
That's alright Lawler is going to destroy Shields.
3/29/09 11:33:31AM
I cant fault Sheilds for paasing on Riggs and take a MAIN EVENT fight with Robbie. I dont think he'll win, but thats beside the point. Riggs is a mid tier guy at best. It wouldnt have furthered Shields career by beating him. Now if he puls an upset and beat Lawler.......the sky is the limit.
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