If UFC get Jake Shields who do u want him to fight first?

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POLL: First fight for shields?
Thiago Alves 3% (2)
Jon Fitch 27% (16)
Georges St. Pierre 3% (2)
Diego Sanchez 31% (18)
Mike Swick 32% (19)
Josh Koscheck 3% (2)
10/22/08 5:56:39PM

Jake shouldn't really start off fighting cans but he needs to prove himself at the same time. Swick would be a good test.
10/22/08 6:38:23PM
I said alves because stylistically they are different, but i don't care if he fights tony desouza, i just want to see shields in the ufc.
10/24/08 3:26:31AM

Posted by MMAcca

All (except maybe Swick) will beat Shields.

I think that Swick would give him more problems than the majority of the WW division.
10/24/08 1:38:41PM
Jake would beat diego and swick. He whooped diego in a grappling match and swick just plays into his strengths. All other guys are interesting match ups except gsp. Gsp would murder shields, they just don’t match well.
10/24/08 7:35:49PM
I dunno I guess im pretty much one of the few who thinks jake shields would beat a lot of those guys on that list.

Hell I think him and GSP would be a great match
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