Jake Hecht Meets T.J. Waldburger at UFC on FX 2

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12/29/11 2:01:08PM
Following a successful Octagon debut at UFC 140, Jake Hecht will return at UFC on FX 2 and face T.J. Waldburger in a welterweight match-up on the card.

12/29/11 2:35:41PM
Tough fight to pick. Waldburger showed some slick jiujitsu in his last fight and Hecht looked to be on his way to losing before those elbows. I'm not too sure here. I guess this will be another fight where I wait until the weigh ins.
12/29/11 2:36:49PM
My first thought was to pick Waldburger but Hecht ended up surprising the piss out of me against Attonito so I'm not too confident with that pick.
12/31/11 6:14:39PM
My first reaction was TJ too but the guy doesnt like to get and Hecht looks to have some decent power and tdd. TJ definitely has the jiu jitsu its just a question of whether he can impliment that.
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