Jake Ellenberger vs. Rory Mac set for ufc on fox on Seattle, late July

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4/10/13 1:37:53PM
Jake wins this then, no doubt he deserves title shot. Omaha native, I'm rooting for my boy. Rory is a beast but let's see him with a power wrestler such as the juggernaut. Awesome fight
4/10/13 1:59:13PM
Yes! I wanted this fight for the last year and half
4/10/13 2:25:36PM
awesome fight!
4/10/13 4:31:03PM
Sick fight
4/10/13 7:28:35PM
Jake's going to walk through Rory and I'll enjoy every second of it! Not to say Rory's not good but I don't like his chances.
4/10/13 7:39:43PM
Where's the link braaaaahhh?

Jake E. smashes the NERD.....throws him in his locker, steals his Canadian coins and spends it on Rush's classic album 'Hemispheres'.

Meanwhile...The Beard knocks the metro outta Grease and sets up a REAL fight between two REAL fighters...ya got that?
4/10/13 8:19:58PM
i think it will be a very close fight. i dont think either fighter will walk through the other. im probably gonna pick ellenberger by UD
4/10/13 8:22:31PM
What can I say mr. Sonnen, he who knoweth, not needeth a link, or belt, to be correct, or 'champ'

But serious Im surprised that it hasn't been announced today?! These updates I get are usually the day of the announcement. I heard names, but then this. They've always been accurate, I think it makes sense too so we will see.
4/11/13 6:00:26PM
Injury prone mcdonald will get injured again
4/11/13 6:31:12PM
I'll be willing to put my av on the line for a Rory win when this fight comes around.