i just got out of jail...

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8/7/08 6:14:02PM

Posted by Rush

Posted by Jackelope

My close friends are always giving me shit for not getting tanked with them, but I like to feel that if anything gets out of hand I can make smart decisions.

Not only that, but you don't want a full bladder if you get hit in the gut.

True that!
8/8/08 12:12:14PM
i can see why you guys would make that decision i just dont know that it is necessary for me to go to that extreme. it is not like martial arts are such a part of my life that people at the bar know i practice them and so ive never had an issue with the "tough guy syndrome" or people starting stuff for that reason. if that happened i would definitely stop going out. this is the first problem ive had in a long life of going out fairly regularly so i dont think that is appropriate.

and as to what someone said about choking someone out could cause a lot more problems i suppose that is true but in this instance i think if the guy wasnt gushing blood so much it would have blown over...maybe wishful thinking.
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