Jackson's message to Teixeira after UFC on FOX 6: 'Go get the title'

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1/27/13 12:27:50PM
After weeks of trash-talk, verbal sparring an intense weigh-in prior to their fight, Glover Teixeira got some true words of encouragement following his win over Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in Saturday's UFC on FOX 6 co-main event.

1/27/13 2:12:56PM
I think gate keeper status is upon him and contender is now gone

I do hope he stays in the Ufc.
1/27/13 3:33:24PM
i thought that was a nice thing for rampage to say. i never thought glover really talked that much trash before the fight so obviously it was rampage hyping shit up. plus, im sure rampage would love to see jones lose, especially since jones made him tap.
1/27/13 3:40:01PM
Hey ramPAGE, I heard the World Series of Fighting is looking for an opponent for Rumble

Contract Clause(s)
1) MUST tire in first minute of fight
2) NO TDD is also a +
3) HAS to play video games INSTEAD of training

REEBOK must be so proud
1/27/13 7:18:05PM
Glover still has quite of bit of work to do.
1/27/13 9:00:24PM
This is considered news? Doesn't every fighter that's ever even been considered for title contention hope that the fighter that beats them, then beats everyone else & eventually becomes the champion? No matter the sport, if you get defeated, you obviously hope the one that defeats you does the same to everyone else. What's Rampage going to say, "I hope you go out there and get destroyed in every fight for the rest of your career Glover, just to show I got beat by a can!" That's not Rampage being nice, it's just Rampage looking out for #1 yet again and wanting his defeat to look more legitimate.
1/28/13 11:05:50AM
It was very classy of Quinton.

The best looking Texiera so far. His striking was more technical, and his striking defense seems to be shored up. His wrestling also really surprised me. Hard to say whether Quinton's tdd has declined, or Glover is just that much stronger. I'll say a little bit of both.

Like many others have said, I think Bader would be a great matchup for both guys.

I don't think he'll be a perennial top 5 fighter, but he'll hang around 7 or 8 inside the top ten. One thing is for sure, his aggressive style is really fun to watch. I'm definitely a fan.
1/28/13 11:11:11AM
I noticed rampage tagged him a few times. Which was really unexpected considering how sluggish rampage looked in my eyes. With all the hype Glover had I was expecting a R2 tko or sub.

The guy is good but he's not going to beat JJ
1/28/13 11:34:04AM
Too bad rampage is gone now

I mean he turned into a real piece of work by the end of it but he was usually pretty exciting to watch unless he was lying listlessly on his back
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