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Rampage 63% (40)
Rashad 37% (23)
1/11/09 11:19:41PM

Posted by chickmagnet

Posted by wiggum

wrestling is pretty even with a slight edge going to page because he is damn near impossible to take down

Uh....Rampage was taken down by Henderson 3 or 4 times in that bout, Rashad's wrestling technique is much better than Rampages. Chuck has the best td defense in the division not Rampage, Rampage can be taken down especially after Rashad chops down his leg with leg kicks since Rampage doesn't check and kicks.

And peoples seem to forget that Forrest LNP on Rampage for almost 5 full minutes ( entire rd 2 ) and Rampage was looking like a fish out of water, he can say that he was just staying there to recover from leg kicks but he lost the rd 10-8 with this so call strategy, the reality is that he was simply unable to do anything.
And last time i check Forrest don't have 1/4 of the wrestling ability than Rashad have when it is time to control someone on the ground.

1/11/09 11:53:58PM
Rashad has some great speed in his hands with some KO power as we've seen lately. Rashad is definitely a better wrestler than Rampage, but Rampage's wrestling is good enough to get the td. Rampage is the bigger and probably stronger fighter and if he's smart he'll make Rashad fight off his back. Rampage probably has the advantage in the clinch IMO, not that we've seen a lot of clinch work from Rashad. Rampage also has a real solid chin and can probably take a few of Rashad's bombs. The real question is if he can avoid Rashad's td attempts. Then again, Rashad has been flexing his new found striking game, so he may want to keep it on the feet.

Rampage needs to keep him guessing if he's gonna strike or shoot in for the td or clinch while avoiding Rashad's power shots.

I'd pick Rampage in a hard fought decision. Rashad has good cardio and has never been stopped, so I would think that it has a good chance of going to a decision.
1/12/09 2:26:01PM
I'm picking Rashad for this one. I really don't like him, but Rashad has always wonn when I though he wouldn't so I'm gonna try not to make that mistake again.
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