Jack Taylor scores 138 for Grinnell

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POLL: What is your career high in organized team basketball?
0-10 pts 36% (4)
10-20 pts 9% (1)
20-30 pts 27% (3)
30-40 pts 18% (2)
40-50 pts 0% (0)
50 pts + 9% (1)
11/21/12 11:48:31AM
Jack Taylor scored an astonishing 138 points


I dont care who you are or who you played that is an absolute remarkable feat.

11/21/12 11:54:24AM
This is some crazy shit. I wish I watched the game.

108 shots? How do you shoot 108 shots in a game? Is he the only one that shot the ball?
11/21/12 12:15:01PM
that's unreal...he must have played a bunch of 10 year olds

Back in highschool I used to play houseleague ball and at times my team only had 5 or 6 players so I got a lot of playing time (4 5 minute shifts per half). Being a self appointed PG I took my fair share of shots and I'm pretty sure I hit the 30 point plateau once
11/21/12 12:45:54PM
I'm not sure on the exact put definitely in the 20-30 pt range more towards the lower 20's though.

I was always more of a down low type player, had more fun rebounding, wasn't much of a shooter, except an excellent free throw shooter, so that's where majority of my points would come from.
11/21/12 12:50:00PM
I've never played basketball in school but I used to play with my friends a lot. Definitely not the same level of talent but I used to go anywhere from 15-25 a game. The majority of those points being 3 pointers.
11/21/12 12:52:28PM
I don't think I've even touched a basketball 138 times.

Hats off to an unbelievable achievement.
11/21/12 1:01:22PM
i once scored 4 pts & got 2 rebounds in the 4th quarter of a JV basketball game. That is the highlight of my basketball career.
11/21/12 1:03:48PM
From what I've heard/read his school just runs full-court press the whole game and when they get the ball they try to shoot (most of the time a 3PTA) within 5 seconds. The dude has 71 3pt attempts.
11/21/12 1:25:31PM
I'm not trying to rain on his parade, as it is an impressive feat under any circumstance. But, I think it had more to do with the number of attempts, rather than him being on fire.

I felt like anything I tossed up was going in

27 of 71 = 38 3P%

7 of 10 = 70 FT%

52 of 108 = 48 FG%

Those numbers are nothing spectacular for a single game. There are NBA players that carry better percentages for an entire season, against much stiffer competition. So, I guess if you use the formula of (1) give ball to Player-A (2) Player-A immediately shoots the ball...then an above average player could pull this off (against the right competition).

With that said, damn, that's a lot of points
11/21/12 1:29:44PM
My high was 30 of my teams 36 pts. Showed up at halftime (got the start time mixed up) and we hadn't scorex yet. We were down 21-0. We won 36-34
11/21/12 1:49:52PM

Posted by prophecy033

My high was 30 of my teams 36 pts. Showed up at halftime (got the start time mixed up) and we hadn't scorex yet. We were down 21-0. We won 36-34

wanna play for the Raptors? Just show up before the 4th quarter
11/21/12 1:51:49PM
Basketball ball has always been my sport and I remember we got the chance to play at the Toyota center.

Ended the night with 38 pts.

7 3s from NBA range

A few and1s

And some midrange jumpers

Not my career high but definitely my most impressive outing

A few weeks after that game my school got a letter from the rockets organizations inviting me to a camp they were having and to participate in a 3 point contest. Didn't end up going but damn I'm kicking myself for it now. Could be me in Chandler Parsons place