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8/10/08 12:45:26PM
I'll start the review by saying, GSP... The man is on another level. That Jon Fitch has got one of the biggest hearts in the biz, and he deserves alot of credit as well. Anyways...

Demian Maia showed why he's been touted as one of the guys to dethrone Silva. His ground game is top tier. He survived two very solid submission attempts, that would've been enough for 80 to 90% of fighters, I believe. Hell, the man was going for a submission,while he was being choked! He's got a lot of skill, and I was very impressed. J-Mac didn't dissapoint though. He showed alot of determination and didn't cover, and hide esp. in the 2nd, when Demian was on top, and mind you, my wildcard pick was Maia by 2nd round KO/TKO, I had a feeling that Demian was going to try to finish him, he tried, but Macdonald showed true grit and grind, and kept in it. Until, the 3rd when Maia was tired of it, and finally went ahead and choked him out. Good fight. Can't wait to see this guy again.

Rob Emerson halted Manny's rise, for now, with a nice, nice right left combo. That looked like it hurt Gamby!

Did anyone after watching the whole thing, think Huerta was an imitation of GSP? I mean he had the trunks, the kicks, the 'superman' punches? Ok, well he tried to have all that like St.Pierre. After hearing he went to train with Rush, and seeing him fight, it's like all the things Roger was doing, if you wanted to see it work, you just had to watch the main event! All opinions aside, Florian fought a great fight and looked to take away any heart, Roger had in him. Kenny stayed on the outside, for the most part, and picked Huerta apart. While the Matador flung his weak kicks, and long hooks into the "air", because it seemed he never was connecting, Florian waded him out until he wanted to strike. Now, Huerta landed some good shots, but in the 3rd Kenny almost let him hit him, and it wasn't hurting him so, either Roger doesn't have power to finish a guy, or Ken-Flo is really just that tough. Good fight, for the most. I would've liked to see Florian go for the kill in the 3rd, instead of doing the opposite of his fight philosophy, which is finish fights. But, I had it in a dec. so I can't say I didn't get what I expected.

Now, Brock. Okay, I picked Lesnar by sub in the 1st and everyone thought I was crazy...but did you not see him go straight to a, weak but hey, guiolltine(spell check) choke?! I thought damn, I got this one exact. Overall, Brock did what everyone knew he was capable of. And that's putting all 280+ into grounding his opponent out. Heath got rocked, and I mean rocked with the first punch, and it looked like he was in survival mode the whole fight. Brock sure looked happy to win, and didn't wait to show Herring up after the fight. Lesnar air-roped the Crazy Horse as the time ran out, and they walked to their corners. Will someone show this man up, again!

All I got to say about Kongo is keep your mouth shut buddy. Talking bout he deserves a title shot. No, wait, they put you in there with another legit opponent in Heath, after Cro Flop, and you blew it. So you beat Dan ???Evenson??? and you want people to recognize you? He is outside my top ten, and didn't move any closer with this fight. But good one TKOing the guy, that's how I saw it going. So, at least you didn't dissappoint.

`The main event, was just the that. Ended up with the fight of the night honors, this lived up to the hype. GSP was GSP. In fact, he almost surprised me, this guy looks better, against better comp., everytime. I stopped and thought, "this Silva at 170". He rocked Fitch several times. I can't believe how much punishment Jon took, and still wanted to fight. Nothing was lost in this fight for Jon Fitch, except for the belt, but in regards to respect, ability, determination, this guy gained. I had this in a dec. as well, but after the 1st round, I thought this won't last much longer. Rush was connecting with flush shots, that sent Fitch's back into the cage. Think of BJ's jabs in the Sherk fight. George used his jab, which was lightning fast, and even through in a spinning back kick, and backfist in there as well. All in all, St.Pierre proved himself, yet again. But he also did what needed to be done, to be considered a 'champion'. He won, then defended his belt, like a real, true champion. Props to GSP, Fitch is, and was the top competition at 170, and he handled him.

Look for the Jack's Rants coming soon to hear about what I really think about Florian's non-finishing fight, Kongo's ridiculous demand, Demian's rise, and Brock's immaturity!
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