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11/4/12 1:25:58PM
Alright I'm back, let's rant

In spite of Anderson Silva's excellence, I believe as much as he pursues the 'money' superfight, in GSP, for his legacy, for mma, for fighting period, Jon Jones is the superfight that needs to happen. Maybe he'll do both and shit on everybody and retire after?

I'm giving Carlos Condit more than a fighters chance against Pierre. We will know how GSP can handle being in a fight and getting hit quick cuz condit knows a plethora of techniques that really make me wonder, can and will georges be ready for what Carlos attacks with? Either way these are fights that make a champion just that, a champion. GSP if anybody, will be stronger in these circumstances, regardless, I hope it's an exciting all around mma fight, not a continuation of the alves/hardy takedown heavy gameplan type

Pierre beats condit. Silva Pierre in cowboys stadium may of '13.
Weidman beats boestch, fights winner of bisping belfort for next title shot in co main event.
Silva then retires or defends belt one more time only to have the spectre of the Jones fight loom large in decision making, new years card '13 jones silva!

Joe silva matchmaking:
Overeem vs jds/Cain winner spring '13 barring no injury OR overeem vs. Nelson carwin winner
Bigfoot vs. Struve
Cormier vs Mir

Glover vs rampage
Rua/gustafsson winner vs Evans/lil nog winner assuming sugar pulls it out in Alexanders case , in 'summer '13 for next title shot. Which goes to winner of Hendo machida rumored for early '13

Hendricks kampmann Winner will most likely have to fight again until a late '13 title shot.
I believe if you wanna save Diaz you give him a Demian Maia or Rory Macdonald when suspension up. I would like to see a Koscheck diaz matchup but really not sure if the power wrestler is where you want to put nick first fight back.

I havent watched one episode of this season of TUF. The finale is a solid card though

That's it for now, until next time. Be easy
11/4/12 1:32:02PM
Good to see you back, Jack. Take off your coat and stay awhile.
11/4/12 1:53:42PM

Posted by grappler0000

Good to see you back, Jack. Take off your coat and stay awhile.

Hell yeah! Brofist! welcome back!
11/4/12 1:54:22PM
Dont mind if I do...

Also I forgot to mention how my boy Wanderlei is going to step in for an injured machida to fight Hendo in a rubber match on short notice. Which he will win by devastating blitzing brutality, earning him a title shot against sonnen after sonnen submits Jon Jones by arm triangle in their April matchup. Which means by years end, wanderlei will be UFC light heavy weight champion. You heard it hear first.
11/4/12 3:22:23PM
Largely a great post except:
Wandy love does not get him a UFC Title....ever...sad but true as his days have past.
Silva vs Jones will happen! BLASPHEMY YOU NON-BELIEVER!!!!
11/7/12 6:17:59PM
Money talks fighters fight

The dallas superfight will happen. I doubt for May.
Memorial day weekend will see reem fight for the title
Fox event in April will get Barao vs Cruz

I do think kampman or Hendricks winner fights again before title shot
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