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7/29/09 6:25:28PM
Lot's to rant on, as always...

1. Affliction no more- Obviously, Affliction was doomed, considering their operating process. The Barnett thing is a big disappointment. I wanted that matchup to happen, so I wouldn't have to worry about that talk anymore. I want Fedor to fight all the top guys, to prove he still is the top dog. Sylvia, Arlovski, Barnett would have been a great way to lead into the UFC if you ask me. But, noooo. Ol Baby Face had to foul up. I don't wanna hear it Josh. He never wanted that fight anyways. When he was the obvious guy next up, he still wanted to bring up Aleks, and was friends with Fedor. WTF.
Now, with the contracts, and the fighters...I am oh so anxious to watch this play out. Fedor is under M-1's wing, so this doesn't really mean much in his regard, as far as, the UFC gaining the contracts of the fighters signed with Affliction. Sobral is the Strikeforce LHW champion, and now, it's going to be him and Mousasi on the Carano/Cyborg card Aug.15, which is awesome because that is a good fight, and one I wanted to see. So with Fedor, Gegard and Babalu felt out, mind you there's a press conference for Fedor tonight, Arlovski's third, and final fight on his contract was for Strikeforce against Rogers, where we all know he lost stock by going down in 22 seconds. Speaking of going down quick, Big Tim upped the ante by going to sleep in 8 seconds, against a washed up BOXER. So, aside from Andrei's last two fights, even then, he looked good against Fedor, I'd like to see him fight again. Sylvia can go somewhere else for all I care. He said he wanted to go to boxing.
If the UFC could pull it off, all these fighters are probably in fight shape, I'd assume, throw on another guerilla promotion in two weeks, go against the Strikeforce PPV and giveus a free Spike event, have all the Affliction guys fight.F#$% it, why not.

2. UFC 103-Now, when Franklin/Hendo 2 was announced, everyone gave a collective huh? I guess they were struggling bad for a main event. With this press conference coming on Friday, where Dana said amazing things would be announced, I am under the impression that the Affliction fallout has changed the scope of everything. Because if Fedor is potentially signing with the UFC, and/or Tito and Belfort are coming back. Then, I am sure that plans will be changing. If the rumored bouts between Belfort/Hendo, and Ortiz/Franklin takes place, then I am all for it. If Hendo wins, give him his rematch please!!He deserves it now in my opinion. If Belfort wins, then there's a perdicament. I don't know if he should get it, but I can't see why they wouldn't give him a title shot. Wand/Vitor rematch would be outstanding. Ortiz/Franklin would be nice, but not great. Two big names. legends, for historys' sake, let's get it on. Can't wait for Friday

3. UFC 101- Okay so, Penn is the favorite, but to be honest, I have been leaning toward Florian. I think he wants it more. I think he is hungrier. I think it's his time. But then, I think, if that BJ that rolled through Sherk and Stevenson, and Pulver. If he shows up, then Ken Flo might have a problem. I don't care if he trained with GSP. Kenny does not possess the wrestling and athletic abilities of Pierre, which is why he was successful against this new and imrpved Penn. But I know that Florian doesn't lack in the killer instinct part, and that's why I'm starting to think we will witness a war, and a classic fight. Silva/Griffin, on the other hand, as much as I think it'll be a good fight, and an exciting one, in Anderson's regard, that's a statement considering his last two. I see Silva being to precise and catching Forrest, Although, I expect to see Griffin frustrate the Spider. But in the end, Silva can box and spar with the best, so the size doesn't do much to change my mind. Can't wait.

4. A year ago, GSP had all the competition and Silva had none. Now, I hate to say it but, Silva is gaining a whole new contender's list as of late. Between Maia/Marquardt, Hendo, Akiyama, new to 185 Silva, a Bisping/Belcher fight would be right, and now maybe the addition of Belfort. Not to mention Okami and Cotes' returns off injuries, Irvin/Gouveia. Let's get it.
St. Pierre has since dominated Fitch, got over the "Penn rematch" fight, dismantled the supposed 'most dangerous threat' to GSP in Alves. Now, with a fight with potentially Swick/Kampmann? I mean, to me, the fact that Swick/Kos/Fitch don't fight each other, that makes that whole scenario eliminate contenders.Swick is last of the three to fight Pierre, and granted, Kos and Fitch both claim they'd do better in a rematch, rightfully so, they should. I'm not soo interested in them. I see George nullifying any offense with his wrestling and takedowns. And his striking has always been at the top level. So, I don't know where to go with the belt. Kind of like last year, with the Spider!!!

Talk some smack or prop me up. Take care if you read this all the way
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