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1/6/09 10:01:50PM
Happy New Year. Hope everybody is off to a great year, and here's to another great, and if not the greatest year's in mma history!

1.January '09, what a way to start 2009! First, after reeling from Christmas, and UFC 92, we are looking toward the year of dream matchups. Starting with Franklin Henderson UFC 93, along with the 'awaited' rematch of Shogun and Mark Coleman. The week following you get the HW showdown that always captured fans' imaginations, Fedor vs. Arlovski. I love it. Not only that, but the following week, possibly the biggest, and most anticipated matchups of two of the top, pound for pound fighters in the world will take place in Vegas. I dont need to name names, we know who I am talking about. I can't wait for this month to unfold everybody. Think of all the questions that will have been answered.
UFC 93-Can Davis KO Lytle?If so, will he fight someone in top 5?again? How will Kampmann fare at WW? Can Shogun 'display' some of the skills he was known, and feared for in the Pride days? If so, will he be ready for a rematch with a Rampage? Will Coleman be ready to fight in the UFC, still? If he wins, is Coleman in anyone's top 10? After the main event at this UFC, we will have our U.S. coach on the next Ultimate Fighter, to later face off with Bisping for a title shot, I'm sure. Also, the loser will be subject to another big matchup as guys like Wanderlei, Vera, Machida/Silva, Griffin, Jardine, Liddell, etc. will all be looking for a bout. So alot going on here.

Affliction-Babalu Soko. Besides Fedor fighting again, against the original Pitbull, at that, I am just as excited for this fight. After Soko, UFC No Mo, he gets to fight Sobral, one of my favorite fighters to watch and root for. Go Babalu. Winner will be back in the 'just outta the top 10' range. Lindland Belfort, ehh, I hope Vitor 'Dave Terrells' Lindland. Main thing I'm looking at here, is if Fedor is going to pull another split second finish on another, of the UFC's, if not greatest, one of the most well known HW's. That's all. I got Fedor sec.round sub.

UFC 94- Besides the Jon Fitch undercard fight? Aside from the return of Bonnar, who if he wins, will be another guy/name on the waiting list for the ever rich LHW division later on. On top of the fact that we got the Nate Diaz/ Clay Guida, Lyoto/Thiago contender eliminater fights. We have the pound for pound showdown, Penn/St.Pierre 2. I think the UFC and Dana, want to wait for these fights to take shape, and after the rubble, see where this month will take us in the coming months of the new year. Winner of Machida/Silva, mainly Machida, will likely be next for Evans, if they don't give it to Rampage. But, anyway, you'll have two of the top 10, for a fight barring any injury, by summer's time. BJ and George, all I can say, is fireworks. I am so 50/50 on GSP un.dec. or BJ 2nd 3rd TKO that it's ridiculous. I know it'll be great. I don't care if I'm wrong or right on this one. I just want to see it.

After these three events, I'll be ready for the year that will become the greatest in history.

2. Post UFC 92 rants- I know I'm late. My man Wand suffered a brutal KO. All I got to say is I saw it coming, although I faithfully picked and defended the pick of late TKO by Silva. But, Jackson's boxing is much tighter and refined, then in Japan. And Wand's style is too open. Especially for a guy that hits as hard as Quinton. I was disillusioned when it came to Wand's future after seeing it live, but after the drop to MW rumors, and an interview I saw of him, I think he is on the path of coming back hungry, again. much love to the man, that's why he is the man. After such an impressive victory, Frank Mir has jumped 'back' into the HW spotlight, again. But amid constant speculation and reports of Nog's health, and training for the fight being compromised, I got to say, I understand that is probably why Mir looked 'soo' good, was because a lack of quality in his opponent. I mean, Nog wasn't in that fight, and Mir did what he wanted. Much props to him though, he beat, and beatdown one of the greatest fighters of all time. I hope Antonio gets a rematch in the future. I knew Evans would KO Griffins, plain and simple. Jackson should have in the first of their fight, as well. That's all I had to say.

3. Anderson Silva's 'desire' to fight six times a year?- First, this is no insult or critique on a man I deem as the top in the world, but what happened to the Silva that took on a fight a LHW in less than six weeks notcie. And then went on to defend his MW belt three months later, on pace to fulfill his claims of wanting to fight six times a year. Now, with a fight with Leites? in April for the PPV return to Montreal is on the horizon, because a headliner in London for February wasn't enough time to be ready? Anyways, I think the lack of opposition- no disrespect but marketability,and marquee value, there are not alot if any fighters at the MW level for the Spider. So, I don't know what will come of the Thales fight, but I guess this is just whining coming from a deprived fan of the Silva Path of Destruction that has captivated any and every fan of MMA in the past three years.

4. How I got my chick into this whole mma thing- I been with my girl for a year or so, and she's acknowledged the fact that I am a junkie. So, she has made an effort to become interested, and now is actually picking favorites, and schooling men, that would think they knew more than a girl about it, whenever we go out to watch the fights. I love it. She likes Mir and enjoyed the fight. Is rooting for GSP at 94. Anyways, thought it was cool, and it will definitly be interesting to see how our rivalries birth, and grow. Fun.

5. Wandy will be back!!!!!!!

Thanks if you read this far, oh and I'm in the fantasy UFC game, whoever I got, it's over!!-
The Hammer
1/12/09 5:42:23PM
I introduce my women into mma by getting them to watch TUF a lot.
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