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2/21/10 11:14:06AM
Okay, real quick...

Nog looked stiff, and old compared to the young, and explosive Cain. I thought this would either be a grinded out win for Big Nog, or a stellar, coming out party for Velasquez. I think we are all in agreement, that we didn't see a devastating KO from Cain, especially soo early in the fight. Props to Cain. I still love Nog, but sometimes I fear, even though he is warrior, he is 33, I believe, he possesses a body that age, but a brain of a 50 year old when it comes to fighting anymore. He has just taken so much damage over the years. Have him fight the loser of Mir/Carwin, Gonzaga if he loses to Dos Santos, which I think he will, or maybe Nelson/Struve?

Wanderlei impressed me in the sense that he didn't get beat to the punch for the most part. He went blitzkreig at the right time, and not whenever like he always did. He fought smart, kept the leg kicks going the entire fight. I believe that he won round two, guillotine or not. bisping feels he won both decisevily. The third round put an exclamation point on Silva's debut at 185. Although, he picked up the victory, I still fear his ability to withstand heavy shots, but know that I will always anticipate, and cheer for The Axe Murderer. Akiyama has a date in the future, to avenge every and all the defeats the Japanese fighters suffered in the PRIDE days, when Silva reigned supreme. Great fight, I am very worried for Wandy because technically, Sexiyama is sound and proficient with his striking, and he is on a mission, as stated before. All in all, great fight. Bisping should fight Dollaway, who I might add, IMO upset Reljic who I felt would win that fight, Judging by my record, I don't know s@#$.

Stevenson looked pedestrian, All props to George. He took that fight in all facets and deserves any and all praise. 5-0. This guy has another big fight on the horizon for him. Maybe a Guida, Maynard, Guillard, who knows.

Bader did what I thought. Strong in the beginning. Faded toward the end. But then he catches Keith, and in stunning fashion, slumped the fallen contender. Jardine is now not just an up and down fighter, but now he is just a down fighter on a three fight losing streak. Two of which were devastating KO's. He needs a serious wake up call. Bader needs to work on cardio. His shots were for lack of a better term, progressively deficient as the fight wore on. But he handled business and props to him. I'd like a Bader Thiago fight, or maybe the loser of Vera/Jones. Jardine, Idk bout this guy. Maybe an up and comer? Otherwise, when Griffin loses to LIl Nog, have that rematch then.

2/21/10 7:18:09PM
I pretty much agree with things said, just a little to add though...

The rise and fall of team Jackson... Yes they have two elites (Evans and GSP) but the camp as a whole has lost its illustrious spot at the top. So recently it was used as a strong debating point if a fighter would win or lose ( blah, blah yada yada, Plus he Trains with Jackson, blah). The Jackson camp is still one of the top camps out there, its just not what it used to be. (Losses - Stevenson, Jardine, Cerrone, Marquardt, etc.)

Complaining about decisions... We all know how the judging is in MMA, Hit or Miss, with that being said no one should be complaining about close decisions not going your way anymore. When you live by the judges you die by the judges and as Dana has said many times before. Dont Leave it in the Judges Hands...

I hate seeing Nog, get stopped by KO/TKO... (thats all) Its so unnatural to see the ref step in when Nog is getting his A$$ wooped (it was a good stoppage). The old Nog wouldnt have lost that fight at that point. Poor Nog, I dont ever see him Holding the Belt again.
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