Jacare: Lack of fights in Strikeforce 'sucks'

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4/15/11 8:23:04AM
Strikeforce Middleweight champion Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza has defended his title just once (vs. Robbie Lawler) since earning the title in August 2010. And once is not enough.

"I get upset. I am an MMA professional, a guy who’s always ready to fight, I keep waiting approximately six months to fight. It sucks, I don’t like that. They’re thinking of July [for another fight], but for me that’s a long time. I’m going to relax in training right now, I’m going to travel. Maybe I’ll fight in July again. I hope my new boss puts me to work more often."

4/15/11 10:27:32AM
Sounds like a candidate for a UFC-Strikeforce 'crossover.' I'm not sure who's available, though. Sexyama, perhaps? I'd watch that.
4/15/11 11:28:40AM
And this is why strikeforce will fold...Think about it they folded Pride the WEC...its just easier that way..
4/15/11 12:03:21PM

Posted by kingsmasher

And this is why strikeforce will fold...Think about it they folded Pride the WEC...its just easier that way..

I have to agree with you there... Although it sucks seeing orgs like Pride and the WEC go it's just better for the ufc and that's essentially what matters here. We'll see a lot of incredible fights in the comings years though so it's not all bad.
4/15/11 12:18:21PM
it sucks the UFC bought SF out so soon...i was hoping for a Strikeforce vs Bellator card where Lombard vs Jacare would be sweet, as would Melendez vs Alvarez.

maybe Franklin vs Jacare for a crossover? or give him Jardine

im actually kinda shocked the never put Jacare vs Shields together...anyone know why this never materialized?
4/15/11 12:31:36PM
Id like to see Maia vs Jacare. Maybe not for a title shot, but somewhere down the road

Also like to see Lawler vs Franklin, if Rich decides to go to 185 again.
4/15/11 7:13:05PM
That's why SF should have started signing guys that were cut by the UFC.

Only thing that sucks is if SF folds into the UFC, then where do the fighters that get cut go to fight? Bellator is ok, but there needs to be another semi-big org that can get these guys fights in hopes of getting back into the UFC or to just keep fighting.
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