Jacare fighting in Dream 2!

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3/21/08 1:13:58PM
"Throwdown: When is your next MMA fight & with what organization?

Jacare: April 29, 2008 for DREAM 2 in Japan 185lbs weight."

Jacare in Dream 2

He's most likely part of the GP, well hopefully he's part of the GP. I can see him going pretty far, no one can stop him on the ground that's for sure.
3/21/08 1:42:26PM
This Middleweight tournament is looking pretty good.... and also Daniel Acacio might be joining to so that'll be good.
3/21/08 2:31:42PM
I dont care who else is in the tournament. If he is really in it, he's taking the whole thing. This guy is on another level.
3/21/08 7:04:28PM
As soon as jacare gets anyone to the ground GAME OVER.
3/21/08 7:12:53PM
Is it just me, or does that site look a little fishy? It's either really new, or really fake. They have google ads on a pro website, and nobody has posted in the forums. Don't forget to look at your sources, people.
3/22/08 5:05:20AM
If he fights akiyama hes not getting the sub win there.
3/22/08 6:47:18AM
can't wait to see how he does in this tournament. he has sick JJ and has placed very well at ADCC. his JJ is at another level in terms of the MMA average and any fight that hits the ground has him favored. he is extremely powerful for his weight as he was able to tie Couture in grappling and the way he grappled with Roger Gracie (although short lived) was very promising. i hope he has rounded out his skills because if he has picked up some striking he is very dangerous. i hope for JJ's sake that he is able to do very well in the tournament and i will be cheering him on every step of the way if this actually happens.
3/22/08 8:03:17PM
This is looking like it's going to be awesome.

BTW: I'm putting on a potential MWGP on WMMA. He won his first round match against Minowa!
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