Ivan Serati, UFC debut December

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9/27/08 9:57:02AM
It's becoming apparent that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has its sights set firmly on European expansion and that the talent pool on the continent is being harvested for resources. One of the key signings outside of the ubiquitous British talent pool comes from Milan, Italy in the shape of Ivan "Il Terrible" Serati - a monster of a man at 205 pounds and one of the toughest wrestlers this side of the Atlantic.

"The biggest difference this will make to Ivan (Serati) is that he will now be able to train full-time for fights,” Serati’s manager, Alex Burzotta told MMAWeekly.com. “It's something he hasn't had the pleasure of up until now, so his evolution as a fighter will continue, but at a much greater pace than we have witnessed so far.”

Serati had been working as a doorman for several years, but became weary of being continually challenged by troublemakers looking to prove themselves in the street. He turned it all in and paid for his license as a Taxi driver in Milan about 18 months ago and aside from a few people arguing about airport run fares, life has been filled with people recognizing his persona as a fighter, especially after his bout with Vitor Belfort.

9/27/08 10:00:07AM
Ivan's a beast.
9/27/08 12:15:08PM
curious to see who he fights alexander?? hamill?? bonner??
9/27/08 12:46:24PM
Very Padded Record is the first thing I think of when I hear his name.He looks good beating guys that are just begging and such but when your in a division where all the top guys pretty much are in the UFC...I just think he's not going to be very successful is all.

Sorry no reason really to get excited in my opinion he could be great but....I'm gonna hold on till I see him beat some top competition and not guys whose records are 1-3 and such.
9/27/08 1:23:41PM
10-2, has a tko loss to vitor belfort.
9/27/08 2:29:01PM
Im thinking Reese Andy, Antonio Mendes, Gusmao, or maybe Jones?
9/27/08 2:59:04PM
Gusmao, Hammil, or Boetsch...all would be able to test him...or be tested themselves on where they stand.
9/27/08 3:09:10PM
Gusmao is a good call.
9/27/08 4:31:22PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

10-2, has a tko loss to vitor belfort.

Check out his opponents record that he beat less than stellar to say the least.
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