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4/13/08 10:51:02PM
Listen up once and only once i will hook you guys up with 3 big money bets in the coming weeks.

Mark Bocek +600

Maia +100

Gegard Mousasi +340

Lets put it like this I bet all my money in both leagues on these 3 fights and one more (cant tell you top secret info)
4/14/08 11:48:27AM
Ummmmmm but why? if you were so sure you wouldnt want everyone else to copy your wagers and do just as good as you, this is a competition after all

Bit gutted Maia doesnt have better odds for us that know he will sub Herman, and i can see why you think Bocek may sub Mac but its not a sure thing, good wager with those odds tho!
4/14/08 4:33:11PM
Ill even call the sub agains Herman

Triangle Choke
4/29/08 3:00:30PM
lost the Bocek fight but won the other two holla at your boy, even called the submission