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10/29/09 8:41:22AM
We all know that the zombie apocalypse is coming. It’s no longer fiction; in fact, huge movie studios have been releasing tonnes of instructional videos on how to survive the impending threat. Some examples include Dawn of the Dead, Shawn of the Dead, and 28 Days Later. No matter how great these movies have been with instructional advice on how to survive the zombie apocalypse, they lack a solid list of utilities.


10/29/09 8:58:46AM
I would like to add one thing to the list.

A killer soundtrack for your mp3 player or Ipod.

Nothing screams at you to kill zombies more than some good kick ass Misfit tunes.
10/29/09 10:11:32AM

So, now that you’ve got your shotgun, monster truck, chainsaw, goggles, respirator, first aid kit, katana, rations, Red Bull, and a CB radio your odds of surviving the impending zombie apocalypse have gone from maybe 2% all the way up to 14%. You’re looking pretty good here. What, you thought it was going to be higher? Come on, I basically made it seven times more likely that you would survive. I mean we are talking about literally millions of zombies versus you. You’re probably going to die. You have to face facts now because it will be too late when it happens. Anyways, best of luck and good zombie hunting!

Definitely worth a read.

I'm desperately short on items for the trunk of my squad car. Come to think of it, I'm going to need a new squad all together. I'll have to take a copy of this article to the next budget meeting.
10/29/09 2:33:01PM
10/29/09 5:18:03PM

Posted by mikevolz

you will die.


No doubt, more than half the items on the original list will get one killed within days.
10/29/09 6:31:28PM
Perhaps we should all start a zombie apocalypse survival thread lol.
10/29/09 7:36:12PM

Posted by The_Metal_Maniac

Perhaps we should all start a zombie apocalypse survival thread lol.

And a sister thread dedicated to the soundtrack!
10/29/09 8:02:03PM

Posted by The_Metal_Maniac

Perhaps we should all start a zombie apocalypse survival thread lol.

Lets do it!
10/29/09 10:15:35PM
Figured I'd add a little MMA flavor to the discussion:

From Wikipedia:

Mixed martial artist Nick Denis said "I plan on getting, one, an aluminum bat [and], two, a rope ladder, so if I live in the second level of an apartment, that’d be my exit, in and out the window. And then I’d like to get chainmail. No zombie can bite through that. That’d be a good start for my bag."

Definitely gotta give him creativity points on the chainmail. Getchu a lil chainmail and a boomstick and you've got a decent evening's worth of entertainment to be sure.
10/29/09 10:25:42PM
Anybody read The zombie survival guide or world war z? Both enjoyable books. They have a chapter on what to pack and what weapons to use ect, the hypothetical situations that they use are pretty funny.
10/31/09 1:08:26PM
Here's a link to an interview I did with Stephen Quadros (former PRIDE announcer)

Believe it or not.........We talk about Zombies!


Me:. I have to confess I'm very jealous of you. Not because you know the
likes of Wanderlei Silva and Randy Couture, or because you worked side by
side with Bas Rutten. I'm jealous because you got to fight a horde of
hideous zombie demons in the movie "Demon Wind". The film seems to have
generated a hardcore following amongst avid horror movie fans. Have you
ever been recognized for any films or TV shows you have been in? Opposed
to being recognized for your work in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Quadros:It's funny but many people in MMA have no idea of the level of work I have
done in music or to a lesser degree in TV and films. And in the reverse
situation, people in music are sometimes stunned when they see me on TV
commentating on fights. People who fear, or are too lazy to go to my
website, have no idea what I have done. "Hey, I hear you started playing
drums" or "Good luck on your 'new' career commentating." It's cool though.

But fighting the zombies, well, it's hard to top that. There's a reason
they don't allow zombies in MMA, A REASON! I'm glad I made it out of
"Demon Wind" alive, the zombies were THAT tough! Until you face a zombie,
and it's you or them, then you just don't know! Don't hate on the zombie
culture…DON'T HATE! Hahahahahaha… That movie was fun to make…back in 1990.
Glad people appreciate it NOW.

I also REALLY enjoyed working on Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris.
That was amazing. Chuck is a real gent, a high quality man of integrity.
Think about it, I got to have a fight scene with CHUCK NORRIS, the man who
fought Bruce Lee in Return of The Dragon!!! THAT was special. And I had
fun training DMX for "Exit Wounds" with Steven Seagal and "Cradle 2 The
Grave" with Jet Li.

But my best stuff is yet to come. Honestly, I plan on writing, directing
and starring in a film at some point. I plan on making a difference…

And I plan on hosting a talk show on TV too. I WILL make that into a hit.

10/31/09 3:16:20PM

Posted by bojangalz

Definitely gotta give him creativity points on the chainmail.

I guess it depends on what kind of zombies we're talking about. Chainmaille would be useless against zombies that run and/or hack up blood all over.
11/1/09 11:18:52AM
I can testify that I use that exact respirator at work and I have yet to turn into a zombie. Coincidence?
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