Why isn't MMA sanctioned in Maryland?

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4/3/07 3:55:47PM
"Why isn't MMA sanctioned in Maryland?" My good friend Colin (himself an avid MMA fan) posed me this question the other day and the question inspired not only this blog entry but what will be increased coverage of this issue on my part in future articles.

4/3/07 4:08:30PM
Thats great to see that someone is actually taking the time to side with MMA. I'm from Maryland and roughly 30min from Baltimore, so it would be great to see it get sanctioned here.
4/4/07 2:09:03PM
same here

i would love to see some mma events in maryland
4/4/07 3:32:21PM
I'm in Carroll County but was born and raised in PG County. DC is having a card May 12. I'll be there
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