Why isn't Franklin fighting Hendo at UFC 88?

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8/11/08 11:52:34AM
I'm just wondering why Franklin isn't fighting Hendo at UFC 88, because they are #2 and #3 MW in the world, and they should be fighting each other to see who gets a shot at Anderson. But maybe it's because Okami already was supposed to be guareented a title shot before them, and there just waiting it out. I dunno just wondering what some of your takes were on this.
8/11/08 11:56:31AM
Franklin doesn't know if he wants another shot at Anderson. Thats part of why he moved up to 205. Okami does deserve a shot but I believe he is injured. That would be an amazing fight though.
8/11/08 11:58:40AM
Annddd dont forget Hendo has 2 straight losses, and franklin has a better shot of giving hendo 3 straight losses, were as hendo fighting palahares, palahares is the underdog.

But I think palahares is going to pull the upset.
8/11/08 12:00:54PM
It could be a lot of things... but I think it is that the UFC dont want to keep Franklin at MW being just a gate keeper(vs Silva 3 makes NO sense at all in the near future) and they want to keep Hendo at 185 for an eventual rematch with Silva.

Now, some people say that they didn't want either to lose their next fight but I honestly think this doesn't make sense matching them against Palhares and Hamill, cuz they have a nice chance to lose against those guys.

This is a match that should have happened at MW, and then move Franklin up, just another stupid move by Joe Silva.... I'm going to UFC 88 and I'm really frustrated that i'll see both of them but not against each other...
8/11/08 12:22:45PM
i don't care if either guy deserves or even wants a shot at silva, this fight needs to happen, these two were one time seen as the top 2 185 pound fighters, there is no reason why these guys shouldn't throw down soon.
8/11/08 12:30:52PM

Posted by Ordep
I'm going to UFC 88 :

8/11/08 1:55:41PM
They are not fighting because Franklin knows he's done at 185 what else is their left for him to do. He knows he'll get beat by Silva. Just because Henderson has 2 straight losses does mean anything. Hendo would beat Franklin anyway. They arn't worried about Hendo loosing 3 straight I don't know why people keep thinking this. Hendo would kill Franklin anyway.
8/11/08 2:02:08PM
Even if franklin beat hendo, then what does franklin do........?
8/11/08 2:38:16PM
very good question
8/11/08 2:49:12PM
Try to fight Amir? :P
8/11/08 2:52:32PM
I think it's a fight that needs to happen in the future, but the UFC is going to build them both up a little bit first. Not that either couldn't lose their next fight... but they gotta be favorites.
8/11/08 3:43:31PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Even if franklin beat hendo, then what does franklin do........?

move to 205
8/11/08 5:47:47PM
I personally really wanted to see this fight before Franklin moved up but meh, what can you do.
8/11/08 10:26:50PM
franklin was a stud at 185 but i think against the top 10 light heavy he will just be a regular guy
i don't see him challenging for a title shot and i would bet my brass balls that if he wins he will fight wandy in dec
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