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11/2/08 1:21:14AM
There should be a betting pool or over-under on how many times Mike Goldberg will misuse the the word irony in a year. You think Rogan would have clued him in by now. It's only been like a freakin decade that they've been doing shows together. It is not ironic that someone trains with the Gracie's. It would be ironic if Royce Gracie got submitted by Chuck Liddell. Or if Goldberg actually used the word Irony in the proper context. That would be true Irony.
He's mistaken something being mildly interesting for irony. Is there anyone else who's noticed this?
11/2/08 1:21:00AM
Yeah mike goldberg says the same shit all the time but i dont blame him completly theres only so much different crap to say about the same thing all the time, Rogans a great comentator and he say the same shit alot too. they all do even the carasmatic bas rutten says liver kick like 30 times every Pride event
11/2/08 10:17:50AM
stuff like this doesn't bother me any more, seeing as most people don't seem to know how to properly use the word "irony"
11/2/08 2:42:58PM
Sportscaster seem to ALWAYS misuse that word, drives me nuts.

My definition of irony: When the actual outcome is opposite of the expected outcome, often with a humorous twist.

Sportscasters definition: Isn't that something!

11/2/08 3:37:09PM
The best example of irony iv seen in the UFC has go to be cro cop getting KOed by a high kick, from a bjj based fighter of all people
11/2/08 4:05:16PM
literally is another word that gets misused a lot in sportscasting, sometimes to hilarious effect. David cross does a joke about it and now I laugh every time I hear it happen.

"He LITERALLY ripped his head off!!!"

"what? no he didn't... You shouldn't be saying things into a microphone."

11/2/08 8:41:27PM
Goldie is Goldie. I really think he is half tanked when he is comentating. look at his eyes when Rogan is talking and they're side by side looking at the camera. it looks like he is swaying and shit.
11/3/08 2:36:47PM
But handstrong, don't you find it ironic that you came to post your thread about Golderberg here... in an MMA forum. Eh! There is certainly a sense of irony there. I mean, what are the chances you'd find a thread about MMA in an MMA forum? It all seems pretty ironic to me. And the ironic thing about it all, is that the letters M,M, or A do not appear in Goldberg. Pretty fricking ironic huh?