"Iron" Mike? Get Him On NutriSystem & The Foreman Grill, Stat!

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12/19/08 2:31:27PM

Or, as I commented on my blog, "Yes, that’s THE Mike Tyson, who apparently has been biting off more than he can chew, which probably is much to Evander Holyfield’s delight and relief. Nutrisystem should get in touch with him and put them on the plan so in a few months he gets his own commercial along with all the other former jocks. Perhaps it’s also time to invest in a George Foreman Grill?"
Just too funny not to share, it's gotten a lot of face time on ESPN lately.
12/19/08 2:43:35PM
Well he might have lost almost all his money but he sure as hell ain't living in total poverty.
12/19/08 3:56:51PM
12/19/08 8:50:15PM
Dude looks like he`s been eating to many children.


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