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8/4/07 10:02:37PM
There is a new fight camp; THE IRON FIST.

I am looking for members who will be active in Primary and Secondary Leagues.

I prefer members over the age of 18 as I enjoy cussing every 8th or 9th word on private team message boards. Seriously... I don't want anyone offended by swearing.

Must not hold any hostility towards midgets or little people.

Must have no ill will towards people who have had sex changes.

If female, PM'ing Noodz would be nice, but not required by any means (but would be nice).

Hopefully you have some MMA knowledge, if not, who cares, they put the lines up on the betting screen, a monkey can pick a decent winning %.

I welcome you all with open arms; white, black, brown, yellow, purple, male, female, big, small, social, anti-social. Click to request an invite or email me.

EDIT: I over exaggerated, please no purple people.
8/6/07 10:07:01PM
asking for nudes.....the desperation sinks in

8/14/07 2:38:25AM
8/14/07 4:30:06AM
I like your style bro, you would be a nice addition to our team but you got your own thang....let it be known if you want to combine forces, you're welcome.

I'll tell you what, keep your team and visit us at the Mothership.........

you and you're team are welcome as brothers.