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6/13/07 8:49:09PM
When Dustin Hazelett first found out he was fighting Stevie Lynch he wasn't sure what to think. This was mainly due to the fact that Lynch has only had four pro fights in his career to date. That isn't to so say Lynch isn't talented. He impressively won all four fights by either submission or TKO.

6/13/07 9:00:49PM
Dustin is a good friend of mine and you better believe he will be ready
6/14/07 1:00:33AM
Hazelett's the man!

I think he'll win via submission. Not sure what sub cuz he's sick with so many of them.
6/14/07 1:50:06PM
Hazelett's getting knocked out in the first round
6/16/07 6:52:47PM
Hazelett wins via Sub rd. 1!
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