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2/7/09 6:50:39PM
my ipod wont play through anything, not my headphones or through my docking radio, everything else works. it plays on the ipod i just cant get sound to come out in the headphones, docking device, or my truck? wondering if anyone knows anything? How to fix it, where to take it to get it fixed, or to just keeping swearing and buy a new one?

thanks guys
2/7/09 6:59:36PM
go to the apple store they help
2/7/09 7:39:43PM
ya for real take it to them. It sounds like something is wrong with where the head phones go but no one will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with out actually seeing it. it could be anything from what i said to like your ipod is turned down.....(happened to me)
2/7/09 8:38:06PM
try a soft reset...Hold the "Play" and "Center" buttons at the same time until the ipod resets and you see the apple logo.

That should do it...

What verson of the ipod do you have?
2/7/09 8:52:37PM
Check Apple's website ( first and try some of the troubleshooting tips listed there. Also, make sure that the "volume limit" option in the Settings menu isn't set to all the way at the minimum.
2/8/09 12:50:54AM
reset should work great. If that does'nt work you can also try to restore it when you open Itunes. On your IPOD page there is an option for factory restore......
2/8/09 3:22:55AM
turn the volume up.

You're welcome.
2/8/09 6:57:37PM
Im sick of ipods...ive been through 2 of them and the last one (video) was going great for 11 months before the hard drive shot. Not to mention the 2000 songs I had on my computer, the pc hard drive crashed and those are gone as well. All my hard work of ripping songs off...down the drain.
2/8/09 8:09:47PM
You might have accidently turned your Max volume down. Check your settings and see if your max volume is turned down to nothing.