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4/3/07 1:54:20PM

sounds like something that would have happened ten years ago. sad that it is still being debated.
4/3/07 3:31:35PM
They should have brought in fighters to talk about the sport.

Its like calling golf brutal b/c all you do is smash balls with a club.
4/3/07 4:24:42PM
What about boxers? They literally risk boxing others into a state of brain damage. How is that any different than their description of MMA?

I've said it when it comes to fighting in hockey and I'll say it here.

In hockey more players have died as a result of drunk driving than the 'violence' and fighting in hockey. Yet, people are not calling out demanding that all the beer sponsors for hockey step down.

The same goes with MMA. I think more fighters get hurt in training than their actual fights.

These polititcians are just as ignorant to MMA as everything else in the world.
4/3/07 4:29:00PM
lots of sports are as dangerous or more dangerous than mma.
4/3/07 4:45:36PM
"We've begun to realize the real danger of this sport," he said."

I love how he says this, and then he doesn't elaborate. More guys talking out of their ass.
4/4/07 1:13:31AM

another short article on the subject
4/4/07 7:10:05AM
Sometimes I wonder why most ignorant people are the ones actually in power.
4/4/07 7:53:30AM

Posted by Mastodon2

Sometimes I wonder why most ignorant people are the ones actually in power.

they are the only ones running for office. not enough young people are running. i urge everyone on thid board to run for a local office. only way real change will ever occur.
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