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3/30/08 10:43:36AM
Mixed martial arts regulation has had its ups and downs in Iowa. Lawmakers attempted to deregulate MMA this past year, but were unsuccessful. In Iowa, MMA, boxing and wrestling are regulated by the Department of Labor.

Last Wednesday a bill was passed that called for more regulation of the sport. According to, the bill would require event promoters to apply for a license and pay a fee. Organizers would subsequently report ticket sales, gross receipts and volume of attendees to the state's labor commissioner.

In addition, fighters would have to apply for a permit, as well as submit a fee and undergo both an eye exam and a physical.

"This will go a long way towards professionalizing this sport," stated Representative Jamie Van Fossen.

As the sport continues to gain popularity and grow in Iowa, the need for regulation becomes more apparent every day. The passing of the bill is a step towards the regulation already in place in states such as Nevada, New Jersey, California, and others.

3/30/08 7:42:36PM
Has to happen I suppose, but this is the end of the amatuer fight night at the stripclubs and bars...
3/31/08 11:49:34PM
this is gonna hurt a lot of smaller mma organizations that reside in iowa

at the same time though, it means the sport is getting closer to being recognized as a serious sport other then just a fad
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