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12/10/11 1:40:59PM
Don't have the channel. Anyone know where I can watch the scheduled fights?
12/10/11 1:56:47PM
do you have cable/satellite?

ufc twitter put up a link to the site, saying people most likely have it, but you never know.
12/10/11 2:02:48PM
It's a broadcast network. You can get it with rabbit ears, assuming you don't live out in BFE.
12/10/11 2:27:49PM
Channel 86
12/10/11 6:30:00PM
props to anyone w/ a good website for me

send me a PM
12/11/11 12:16:11AM
I didn't know I got the channel because it isn't in my lineup, but for a few hours a day, another channel turns into ION. And it only lists it as ION when it is being broadcast as ION. Sounds confusing... and is, but I didn't know I had it the first time they had events on it because it doesn't list that I have it. Anyways channel 3 turns into ION for me when the UFC is on it, and is HD on 103. But if I look for ION in my guide it will not be there unless I'm looking during the few hours a day or week that channel 3 becomes ION. Hopefully this helps someone that may not know they have it.
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