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2/12/13 5:50:38PM

Posted by LightsOUT23

Lets just hope that the UFC puts on a load of events around the time of the 2020 games to stop the depression. Diving, sailing and long jump needs to go too. Mr dean, I was trying to she'd a little light hearted humour. Wrestling is a great sport and essential to mma. It seems wrestling is only one of many games dethroned from the Olympics due to health and safety of its raw persona. All the tough physical sports are being replaced with soppy family shit !!!

2/12/13 11:45:11PM

Posted by LightsOUT23

Thank God. There is enough Homosexual sports at the Olympics as it is ...

Men in tight Lycra trying to urinate like a Dog, Wheel barrowing, Burying heads up their opponents ass, Swinging by the Ankles and Pretending to fly like Superman !!!

Only people who actually wrestled will know what it takes and how hard it is and how much dedication it takes to be great.
2/13/13 12:38:40AM

Wrestling is one of original olympic sports

you have soccer there when the countries send their youth teams instead of the stars cause no gives a fuck about olympics in soccer, it is the world cup, euro, and champion leagues.. (im a huge soccer fan too). same thing with cricket. also why the hell add golf. you really think these guys will care more about olympic gold over the green jacket and $$$$$$. then all the other BS sports as the others posters have said before can get throw in there too. just plain stupid. next thing you know they will start taking track&field events out too to make room for fucking cross fit
2/13/13 3:40:42PM
If Dana White wante dto do something to help the image of the sport he'd denoucne the Olympics and hold a fundraiser or something.

Wrestling is like the only sport participated by all the country's...its also like the only sport where somebody actually dediucates their entire life too. Some of these sports are liek hobbies to seriously, who the hell actually practices modern pentathalon?
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