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9/10/07 12:14:20PM

Boo. Ya.

Man, I used to love this comic when I was a kid. The casting had me raising an eyebrow at first, but Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark may in fact be a stroke of genius.

"Mr. Stark, you've been called 'the DaVinci of our time.' What do you say to that?"
"Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint."
"What do you say to your other nickname, 'The Merchant of Death'?"
"...that's not bad."

9/10/07 12:45:31PM
iron man was sick id like to see a movie about that
9/10/07 4:50:23PM
Going to be a great flick.
I love all of the Marvel or DC movies.
9/11/07 12:47:12AM
looks pretty badass to me.
9/11/07 6:54:11AM
Can't wait to see it.I'm huge on comics and I think alot of these films have been good.Here's hoping this one gets it right!
9/12/07 11:13:46AM
Ironman lead us to the promise land Ironman

Ghostface killah AKA IronMan AKA Tony Starks
9/12/07 2:22:40PM
They had an animated movie that came out a little while ago about the Invincible Iron Man and I was sooo pumped when I saw it at the video store, broght it home and was extremely disappointed... I hope this is much better, the comic based movies they've been coming out with are fantastic
9/12/07 8:58:43PM
Iron man rocks
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