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4/28/12 8:11:47PM
Tonight at 8 PM ET, the free live stream of Invicta FC in Kansas City, Kansas will go out across the interwebs for us to revel in a fantastic night of women's MMA.

The entire card is composed of women warriors and headlined by the exciting match-up between Marloes Coenen and Romy Ruyssen. Coenen defeated Ruyssen back in 2008 with a rear naked choke, but Romy has torn through her four opponents since - submitting them all within the first round. This is no mismatch and the matchmaking is of stellar quality throughout.

Join us through the night in the comments and refresh your pages for the official Bloody Elbow play by play by Ben Thapa. We do ask that the commenters here hold off on posting GIFs or large images so those who refresh can do so quickly in order to get up-to-the-second updates.

4/28/12 8:16:04PM
Solid night of womens MMA

Here's the live stream link

4/28/12 8:16:08PM
Connen may be my fav female fighter. She's a killer and her accent is adorable.
4/28/12 9:01:16PM
I know it's her first fight, but I'd never guess Miller was an Olympic wrestler based on what I've seen so far.
4/28/12 9:21:04PM
Dammit, why does Mauro have to be announcing this?

I just started watching
4/28/12 9:45:46PM
Thanks for the reminder.
4/28/12 10:41:28PM
Is Queen Mo delusional or what, there is no way Young won that second round.
4/28/12 10:47:12PM
Hell of a fight between Smith and Young
4/28/12 10:51:35PM
BS Smith won that fight
4/28/12 10:54:45PM
I could see a draw. Smith had the control, and volume of punches, but Young was countering her, and did some nice damage with her kicks. Good thing is we get to see it go down again.
4/29/12 12:19:08AM
What a horrid main event.