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9/12/07 12:59:48PM
What's up guys? My name is Tim, I'm from a small town, Florence, SC. I go to a small school called Francis Marion University. Me along with about three or four friends are probably the only people in this region that know anything significant about MMA other than "Oh man! Chuck Liddell is a bad man!". I like to pride myself on knowing a lot of MMA knowledge, but compared to a lot of the people on this site I'm sure my knowledge will be dwarfed. I've been into MMA for about 3 or 4 years. My favorite fighter as you can probably already tell is Karo Parisyan. Though I love certain fighters, I am not one to shun other good fighters I can't stand. (i.e. I hate BJ Penn, but he's an incredible fighter.) That's just a little about myself, I'm sure you'll see me posting on the forums and look forward to discussing Mixed Martial Arts with everyone.
9/12/07 2:11:26PM
welcome to the site, i live in a small town to i no how you feel,have fun and nice to meet you
9/12/07 4:16:31PM
Welcome aboard. Nice introduction. NC is nice... I've been there a couple of times rafting down the Nantahala.
9/12/07 8:22:46PM
Welcome to the playground.